Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?

Chip as the most important part of the mobile phone, its importance is understood by even a digital white. Although the chip is not the only item in the current mobile phone purchase standard, many people will put it in the order of taking photos, appearance and brand when buying mobile phones.

looking at the global mobile phone market, mobile phone chips are mainly divided into five schools: Huawei’s Kirin, Apple’s a series, Samsung’s Orion, MediaTek’s Tianji, and Qualcomm’s snapdragon. Among them, Huawei and Apple’s chips are all self-made for their own use and never sold out. MediaTek and Qualcomm are specialized chip design companies. As long as customers have money, they are willing to sell chips. Samsung sells chips after meeting the needs of their own mobile phones.

Unfortunately, Kirin chip, one of the five major genres of chips, is now in the moment of life and death. For well-known reasons, TSMC, which has been manufacturing Kirin chips for a long time, will give up cooperation with Huawei and stop producing Kirin chips. Huawei’s most advanced 7Nm and 5nm chips look around the world, and only TSMC can produce them Huawei’s mobile phone will face the situation of no core available due to the power supply cut off.

fortunately, Huawei launched “plan B” in time. Judging from the 5g mobile phones released by Huawei this year, most of them are equipped with MediaTek Tianji 800 chip. Even the upgraded version of glory X10, glory X10 max, gave up Kirin 820 to MediaTek Tianji 800. Huawei’s final choice is to give up Kirin and choose MediaTek.

and a recent news also proves Huawei’s strong support for MediaTek chips. According to the information released by the semiconductor industry, Huawei and MediaTek signed a large chip supply order. According to the estimation, the content of this big order is that MediaTek will provide Huawei with 120 million chips.

the former “one core is in trouble, and the nine cores are watching” has finally won Huawei’s favor. In the future, with the support of Huawei’s top chip design ability, mediate and high-end chips of mediate and high-end will go more and more smoothly.

after Huawei, Xiaomi and ov have also joined the arms of MediaTek. Since this year, midrange and high-end mobile phones such as Xiaomi, oppo and vivo have all used the Tianji series chips from MediaTek. However, last year, MediaTek can only be used on 1000 yuan machines, and mobile phones with more than 2000 yuan are all high-tech Xiaolong.

in fact, it is not difficult to understand the reason why domestic mobile phones abandoned Qualcomm and transferred to MediaTek. In the final analysis, it is cost-effective. In addition to charging high chip buyout fees based on the “overlord clause”, the company also charges about 5% of the sales price of mobile phones. Although MediaTek also needs to collect money, its charging standard is much lower than that of Qualcomm.

once despised by many people, MediaTek has become the chip supplier of China’s largest mobile phone brand, and Qualcomm, which once occupied more than half of the chip share of domestic mobile phone brands, has also begun to decline. This event tells us that the past glory can not be continued all the time. If we don’t know how to judge the situation, tomorrow and accident may come first.