Huawei Hisilicon announced the transformation, we wait for the lithography machine, and start to develop the screen chip

On China’s Internet, there are always a group of people who will always encourage and praise everything abroad like a licking dog, discredit and trample on everything at home. No matter whether some domestic fields even surpass those of western countries, in their minds, what is made in China is “garbage” and that in foreign countries is “advanced”. Spare no effort to prohibit mobile phone keyboard warrior novel coronavirus pneumonia, especially for HUAWEI, at least after HUAWEI was started to kill by HUAWEI last year, many “keyboard men” have spared no effort to blackmail HUAWEI. But from this year, HUAWEI has handed over the second quarter of the global Smart Handheld brand crown, and has made many “keyboard men” shut up, despite the fact that HUAWEI has been in the lead in the future. In the early years, Hisilicon semiconductor was founded, and began to design and develop domestic chips, and Hisilicon has become a world-famous company. However, we have to admit that Huawei Hisilicon is not the only short board in the field of chip manufacturing. Even SMIC international, which is the most available one, has been wandering in the chip manufacturing in the low-end consumer field. We still have a long way to go from TSMC, Samsung, Qualcomm, Intel and other international giants. < p > < p > even though Huawei 5g has already led the world’s construction standards, in the field of chip manufacturing, we always rely on imports from abroad, which is why the United States has been able to upgrade and strangle Huawei since last year, because our own chip manufacturing technology can not keep up with the needs of the production of electronic equipment, and we are forcefully pinched and pinched 。 < / P > < p > and the chip manufacturing process, the most important is the photolithography machine. Without a suitable photolithography machine, there is no way to make a 7Nm, 5nm process chip. After the U.S. upgraded its strangling order against Huawei in May this year, Huawei Hisilicon began to recruit a large number of high-end talents who can develop and produce lithography machines worldwide. However, the technology of lithography machine can not be made by rich people. Especially, our lithography machine must get rid of the shackles of American technology. The research and development of domestic lithography machine is bound to be a long and arduous road. < / P > < p > just when everyone thought that Hisilicon’s next work should focus on the development of domestic lithography machines, Huawei Hisilicon suddenly burst out an unexpected news to everyone – Hisilicon announced the transformation, we no longer wait for the development of lithography machine, photolithography is not the only one, we directly began to research and develop screen chips! As the core components of the screen, such as brightness and color control, can control a series of colors. Nowadays, touch screen and super large screen are the mainstream in the world. Screen technology is widely used in all fields of our life. 5g is bound to bring a new round of human-computer interaction means. More intelligent, more convenient and more efficient screen is bound to enter our life. In other words, with the blessing of 5g technology, the screen chip will have a fairly broad market in the future. < / P > < p > compared with Kirin chip, snapdragon chip and other mobile phone chips, the difficulty of screen chip is much less. At present, the best screen chip technology in the world is monopolized by Samsung of South Korea. However, Huawei began to invest in the research and development of screen chip when the mobile phone chip was blocked. Maybe it can really break the monopoly situation of Samsung, because the existing lithography machines in China can completely realize and satisfy the production of screen chip, and the production capacity is completely without problem. < / P > < p > If Huawei Hisilicon can really make this step, it will be very gratifying, because in this way, even if Huawei really loses the market on mobile phone chips in the future, it will be able to find the lost ones on the screen chips! New product launch

Author: zmhuaxia