Huawei Hou Jinlong: create full scene wisdom and create world-class “smart Shenzhen”

Shenzhen Special Economic Zone has been 40 years old. Driven by the spirit of the special zone, Shenzhen has made remarkable achievements. What is the future of Shenzhen?

On July 28, the Huawei cloud and computing City Summit 2020 with the theme of “smart Shenzhen, and then promising” was held in Shenzhen. Hou Jinlong, senior vice president of Huawei and President of cloud and computing BG, delivered a keynote speech on “building full scene wisdom and creating a world-class” smart Shenzhen “. He said that this year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Shenzhen’s characteristics of openness, innovation and enterprising have enabled it to create “Shenzhen speed” and “Shenzhen miracle” one after another. Then, Shenzhen will move from digitalization to comprehensive intelligence, and to world-class “full scene intelligent Shenzhen”.

Hou Jinlong, senior vice president of Huawei and President of cloud and computing BG

Let intelligence be omnipresent and create a world-class “full scene smart Shenzhen”

We can see that urban development has begun to move from digital transformation to comprehensive wisdom. To make the city more intelligent is the new direction of urban development and the only way in the future.

In the future, intelligence will be fully integrated into urban governance, public services, industrial development and other fields in Shenzhen, covering all aspects of urban life

Intelligent public service, from a single service model to a differentiated service model for different individuals and scenarios, from a fixed location-based service to a anytime anywhere service model.

The intelligent development of enterprises can not only greatly improve the industrial efficiency with the help of intelligence, but also obtain new momentum and acceleration for their own development.

Intelligent urban governance, from passive response to active perception, active prediction, active prevention, so as to better improve the efficiency and service level of urban comprehensive governance.

Hou Jinlong said that the key elements to realize “full scene smart Shenzhen” are to focus on “people” and develop four key points: strengthening investment in basic innovation, developing industrial ecology, developing artificial intelligence and making it popular, and paying attention to the fission effect brought by the integration and development of various technologies.

The depth of basic innovation will determine the height of “full scene smart Shenzhen”

To get rich, build roads first. Basic innovation is an important symbol to measure the sustainable development of a city. Basic innovation also determines the superstructure. Only by thickening the base of basic innovation, can thousands of intelligent applications flourish on this basis.

Hou Jinlong stressed: “urban innovation is moving from the era of application innovation 1.0 to the era of Urban Innovation 2.0, which emphasizes both application and basic innovation. We need to vigorously develop basic innovation, make use of the advantageous resources of Shenzhen, fully mobilize the resources of scientific research institutes, leading enterprises and universities, improve the level and gold content of innovation, and enhance the basic innovation ability of the whole city. And the depth of basic innovation will determine the height of “full scene smart Shenzhen.”

The new infrastructure promotes the society to move towards the era of full scene wisdom, and the core of the new infrastructure is “foundation”, but different from the development of traditional infrastructure around transportation, power and water conservancy, the key of the new infrastructure is to develop connectivity + computing, cloud, AI, 5g and other technologies, so as to provide new momentum for the innovation and high-quality development of the city.

Industrial Ecological synergy will determine the width of “full scene smart Shenzhen”

With the height of basic innovation, the width of industrial ecology becomes more and more important. In the past few years, Huawei and the Shenzhen government have carried out comprehensive cooperation in many basic industries, such as Kunpeng, shengteng, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, etc., to build an innovation center and jointly create an ecology of basic industries, so as to provide support and acceleration for the rapid development of Shenzhen’s four pillar industries, five future industries, and seven strategic emerging industries.

Hou Jinlong said: “industrial ecological synergy will determine the width of” full scene smart Shenzhen “. We hope that under the guidance of the Shenzhen municipal government, we will work with all social parties to expand the smart ecology of Shenzhen, truly realize the co creation and win-win situation of all parties, and comprehensively promote the construction of full scene smart Shenzhen.”

Hou Jinlong, senior vice president of Huawei and President of cloud and computing BG, introduced “smart Shenzhen” for the first time

Let AI inclusive, everyone can afford, use well, use at ease

The development of artificial intelligence technology will be the key to the realization of smart city. In the future, AI will deeply participate in various core systems and processes of social operation, greatly improve the efficiency of urban governance, improve the public service experience, and promote the collaborative development of enterprises.

How to make the government and enterprises can afford, use well and use safely in the face of AI is the key to achieve the goal of “full scene smart Shenzhen”. The inclusive AI of the whole scene not only enables enterprises to introduce AI without burden and achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase, but also further provides a more accessible AI development platform, and preset the basic ability and industry knowledge of AI, so that AI development can really be implemented in different industries and speed up the intelligent development of the city.

Huawei and Shenzhen have carried out comprehensive cooperation around artificial intelligence in the past, creating AI scenarios such as intelligent transportation, future airport and intelligent water affairs. Among them, Huawei cloud and Shenzhen traffic police have jointly built Pengcheng traffic agent, which has increased the average speed of urban morning rush hour by 8% and reduced the average delay by 12%. Through the introduction of intelligence, the future airport assisted by Huawei has more than 1000 airports every day The slot allocation of flights is shortened from 4 hours to 1 minute, which really improves the smart experience of the city.

Technology fusion is the accelerator of business fission of “full scene smart Shenzhen”

At present, Shenzhen is stepping up the construction of a world-class 5g City, but this is only the starting point for an intelligent city. Today, scientific and technological innovation no longer focuses on the development of a single technology, but turns to the integration, influence and role of 5g, cloud, AI and other technologies, which will produce fusion and trigger the rapid fission of Commerce. This “convergence and fragmentation effect” will further stimulate the industrial take-off of Shenzhen. For example, in 2025, the global market scale of UAV industry will exceed 70 billion US dollars, and the market scale of video surveillance camera will reach 45 billion US dollars. The combination of UAV, video surveillance camera and 5g, cloud and AI technology will probably redefine the development scale and model of these industries.

In fact, with the integration of 5g, cloud and AI technologies, great changes will take place in both emerging and traditional industries. Whoever first grasps the core of technology integration will dominate the future market competition.

Smart cities need co creation. It is precisely because of Shenzhen’s efficient and superior business environment and enterprising innovation atmosphere that a number of technology enterprises like Huawei have been bred. They are growing together with Shenzhen and will further help the construction of world-class “full scene smart Shenzhen”.

From digital leading to comprehensive intelligent leading, intelligent Shenzhen, and then promising! (Zhao Chao)

(editor in chief: Zhao Chao, Zhao Zhuqing)