Huawei is expected to solve the chip problem, P50 will launch Tianji 2000, and its performance will not be inferior to Kirin 1020

In the past two years, Huawei’s mobile phone sales have been rising, which is related to the strength of Kirin processor. At present, the implementation of the new ban in the United States has become the biggest problem Huawei has encountered in the development of its mobile phone business. Not surprisingly, Huawei Kirin chips will stop production after the middle of September. Although the reserved chips can ensure the release of Huawei mate 40 series on schedule, many users are worried about Huawei’s response next year. As for the latest news, Huawei seems to have solved the chip problem. MediaTek will become an important partner of Huawei, providing Huawei with Tianji processor to replace Kirin chip. At present, Huawei has released several models carrying Tianji 800 processor, and the response is very good. In fact, in the midrange chip market, both Tianji chip and Kirin chip are stronger than snapdragon processor. < / P > < p > there is no problem in using Tianji processor to replace Kirin processor. Moreover, for Huawei, it can only choose MediaTek, and not only the midrange chip needs to be replaced, but also the high-end processor should use Tianji chip. Huawei’s P50 series, released in 2020, may launch Tianji 2000 processor. In recent days, supply chain people have also exposed some new news of the series in advance. < / P > < p > it is reported that Tianji 2000 will adopt the 5nm process of TSMC with the same specification of Kirin 1020 processor, and the power consumption will be controlled very well. With this chip, users do not have to worry about the problem of excessive power consumption. In addition, as for the performance problem that consumers are most concerned about, compared with Kirin 1020, the MediaTek Tianji 2000 is more eye-catching. < / P > < p > after all, although the MediaTek processor is “low-energy”, it has always scored very high. The Tianji 1000 and Tianji 1000 + chips released in 2019 outperform the Kirin 9905g chip in performance. The Tianji 2000 chip released this year has the same process, and its performance should not be inferior to that of Kirin 1020 with the latest architecture of the second generation. However, for Huawei, although the strength of the MediaTek processor is not inferior to that of Kirin processor, it can not replace the position of Kirin processor in Huawei mobile phone. Because the algorithm and video recording function of mobile phone camera are related to the processor, in order to obtain the best performance effect, the processor and hardware must be run in for a long time. Obviously, the MediaTek processor can not do this. < / P > < p > in addition, Kirin processor has the “exclusive” selling point for Huawei mobile phones, which enhances the uniqueness of mobile phones, while MediaTek chips are sold to many manufacturers at the same time, reducing the difference between Huawei mobile phones and other brands of mobile phones. In my opinion, P50 first Tianji 2000 is just a stop loss behavior. What do you think of this?

Author: zmhuaxia