Huawei is good, but don’t choose randomly. These three models are recognized as high configuration and low price, and they can be used for three or five years

At present, there are many kinds of mobile phones, but they do not form a personality. On the contrary, the homogenization of mobile phones is serious. Although some mobile phones do not belong to the same manufacturer, their overall appearance and configuration are extremely similar. However, today, Xiaobian recommends three 5g mobile phones with personality, all of which belong to Huawei and are unique in the market. < / P > < p > the most common feature of these three Huawei models is high configuration and low price, and they are also the favorite of insiders. They will not be out of date for three or five years. If you want to change a Huawei mobile phone, it is right to choose from these three models. < p > < p > first of all, introduce Huawei’s flagship Huawei p40pro, which is characterized by its strong and unique photography. Huawei’s p40pro is equipped with Leica’s camera, which is quite different from Sony’s camera. This time, Huawei p40pro is equipped with a combination of 50 megapixel main camera + 40 million pixel ultra wide angle + 12 million pixel long focus + 3D depth camera, and with the assistance of new ryyb sensor, it has extremely strong shooting ability and is close to the level of a professional camera. In terms of price, the 8GB + 128GB version of Huawei’s p40pro is only sold for 5559 yuan. < p > < p > glory 30pro, this 5g high-end machine is also excellent. Glory 30pro belongs to a sub brand, but Huawei is also very attentive to it, which is reflected on the screen. Glory 30pro has a brand-new 6.57 inch OLED curved screen, 70 degree golden curvature, and super wide screen viewing area. Through it, you will have the ultimate experience. Glory 30pro is also a 5g high-end computer that supports VC liquid cooling and cooling, with high cooling efficiency. Even if you play games, your mobile phone will not get hot. On the third-party platform, the price of glory 30pro has been reduced recently, and the 8GB + 128GB version only costs 3549 yuan. < / P > < p > finally, I would like to recommend the glory x10max to you. Although it is a 5g thousand yuan machine, the battery life and screen of this mobile phone are first-class. Glory x10max has a super large 5000 Ma battery, built-in new AI intelligent power saving technology, and 22.5w wired fast charging. The charging efficiency is very high. The glory x10max also has a 7.09-inch eye protection sun screen that supports the movie level gamut and hdr10, providing a powerful visual effect. In terms of price, the 8GB + 128GB version of glory x10max is a higher configuration version, so the price is 2158 yuan. < p > < p > Huawei p40pro, glory 30pro and glory x10max are all excellent mobile phones. Although they have different positioning, they are full of personality and have strong competitiveness in the market. They are all outstanding in the same level of mobile phones. So which one of the three Huawei mobile phones is more popular? Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”