Huawei is included in the list of entities, and the biggest profit is not Ericsson, but Samsung, which is ignored

In recent years, the international development trend of 5g network is somewhat confusing. The United States has launched one after another to stop Huawei’s development in overseas markets and restrict ZTE at the same time. From the moment when the UK announced that Huawei would not be allowed to participate in the 5g network construction, a huge network for Huawei has been laid out. Although the Chinese people knew long ago that this day would always come. I just didn’t expect that the UK, which has been cooperating with Huawei for more than 20 years, should make such a move.

Huawei and ZTE have lost a lot of overseas orders. If we say who benefits the most among the international communication giants, many people will naturally think of Ericsson and Nokia. But in fact, Samsung is the biggest earner. According to the latest news from Korean media, Samsung’s securities prices in South Korea have risen three times. Originally, in the field of 5g communication network, Samsung did not have much opportunity. What it did not expect was that Huawei, with the most advanced technology, was pulled into the list of entities by the United States.

ZTE was sanctioned by the United States a long time ago, and the two giants were restricted. Suddenly, a large blank appeared in 5g market. Ericsson and Nokia alone cannot eat all of them. As a result, Samsung has won many 5g orders in this case. The reflection of Huawei’s incident has made Samsung reap a lot of profits. At the same time, some changes have taken place in the domestic mobile phone market. According to the current situation of the domestic mobile phone market, Huawei still occupies the majority of the market share, but it seems that this situation has not lasted for long.

after Huawei’s chip supply chain was cut off, the chip reserve has been seriously insufficient. This year, TSMC only provided Huawei with 8 million chips, which can only support the number of high-end machines in the second half of this year. In terms of midrange computers, Huawei has begun to select chips from MediaTek. In the second quarter of 2020, Samsung’s mobile phone sales have soared from 0.8% last year to 3.2%.

as we all know, Huawei’s promotion to the domestic high-end market is largely due to Samsung’s poor reputation in China in the past two years, resulting in Samsung’s lower and lower share in the high-end computer market. A large part of Huawei’s share in the high-end computer market is formed by cannibalizing Samsung’s users. Now Huawei has a serious shortage of high-end computer chips, which means that Samsung is likely to rise again in the high-end computer market. Huawei’s series of experiences in overseas markets not only let Samsung have 5g orders, but also showed signs of recovery in the domestic mobile phone market.

Author: zmhuaxia