Huawei is ready to fight back with high-end chips, and “plan B” is the key to the turnaround?

It is well known that the United States has cut off Huawei’s supply. In fact, Huawei had been a “thorn in the eye” long before the breakthrough of 5g technology. However, the breakthrough of 5g gave the United States an opportunity to make trump more reasonable to “discredit” Huawei. First, from the aspect of communication, lobbying other countries to prohibit cooperation, reducing Huawei’s orders and weakening Huawei’s competitiveness in the communication industry. On the other hand, the United States also chooses to suppress the system. After Google was forced to cut off Huawei’s GMS services, mate 30 series encountered a “Waterloo” in overseas markets, so Huawei also launched another “plan B”, namely HMS service. In addition to HMS services, Huawei also has its own Hongmeng system. In the end, this year’s chip crackdown is going on. Compared with last year’s two crackdowns, Heisi Kirin encountered a big problem this time. No matter Huawei or other domestic enterprises have basically not conducted in-depth research on chip manufacturing. The only SMIC international also uses American technology, so Huawei is facing a tough “bone” for a time. Recently, Yu Chengdong also officially said at the conference that Huawei’s high-end Hisilicon chip will become “out of print” after the mate 40 series is equipped with Kirin 9000 this year, which means that the Kirin 9000 can be sold one by one. It has to be said that this situation is a great loss for Huawei. Looking at Huawei’s entry into the high-end mobile phone market for several years, it is the self-study of Hisilicon that makes Huawei’s success. However, this “trump card” has been blocked by the United States, so Huawei has to find another way out and seek another “turning point” in the market competition to widen the gap between itself and other manufacturers. At this time, the advantage of another “trump card” of Hongmeng is reflected. < p > < p > according to Yu Chengdong of Huawei at the conference, Huawei will launch smart watch products this year, and Hongmeng 2.0 will officially meet with you in September this year, when the upgraded Hongmeng 2.0 system will be adapted to smart watches. In addition, the previous version of Hongmeng 1.0 was adapted to the smart screen. However, due to the limitation of devices, many users did not see the real appearance of Hongmeng. < / P > < p > not only that, in the future, Hongmeng system will be gradually adapted to other devices, such as PCs, tablets, cars, etc., and even mobile phones will have the opportunity to adapt to Hongmeng. This news is quite popular for consumers, which also shows that Huawei is preparing to fight back strongly. Because Hongmeng adaptive mobile phone has always been a practice expected by domestic consumers. Because both Android and IOS on the market are products of American enterprises. With the arrival of “de beautification”, we are more eager to have a system of our own. < / P > < p > Hongmeng system is not only for the purpose of “de beautification”, but more importantly, it can differentiate itself from its competitors in the market competition, and increase its own improvement substantially. This is also very important for Huawei. Therefore, strictly speaking, Hongmeng is actually a “bottom card” in Huawei’s hands. In the future, if it can’t really take advantage of the market, Hongmeng’s role will be reflected. Because Huawei will build the whole Internet of things ecology, the position of mobile phones in the Internet of things can be imagined. And the adaptive mobile phone, which is exactly what pollens are looking forward to, is finally coming. < / P > < p > at the same time, this “plan B” has also become the key point for Huawei to turn over its business. Once successful, Huawei will successfully open the gap with other manufacturers and return to the peak of overseas markets. No matter what the current situation is, many of us always believe that Huawei can tide over the difficulties, break the blockade and monopoly of the United States, break the “ice”, and become the pride of our mouth. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo