Huawei is really difficult! 30 million sets of mobile phone chips cannot be shipped

Affected by the ban, Huawei has had a hard time this year. The upcoming Huawei mate 40 series will be equipped with the out of print Kirin 9000 chip. After September 15, Huawei will have no chip available. < / P > < p > in fact, Huawei predicted long ago that the US ban would not be easily lifted. Therefore, it has increased the purchase of MediaTek chips in mobile phones this year. Among the newly released mobile phones, there are already several models using MediaTek chips, such as Changxiang 20pro, glory x10max, glory 30 Youth Edition, maimang 9 and other mobile phones, which are the stronger Tianji 800 chip processors of MediaTek this year. However, with the upgrade of the US ban on August 17, Huawei’s channel to purchase chips from MediaTek has also been erected. According to media reports, the US Department of Commerce issued a revised ban on Huawei on August 17, US local time. The ban further limits Huawei’s use of U.S. technology and software products and adds 38 Huawei subsidiaries to the list of entities. < / P > < p > according to the ban, the use of U.S. technology or software as a basis for foreign products, and the use of such foreign products in the production or development of any parts, components, equipment is prohibited. Huawei’s related subsidiaries in the list of entities can not do the same, and are prohibited from playing the role of purchaser, intermediate receiver and final receiver. This move is undoubtedly fatal to Huawei. Today, according to industry insiders @ mobile phone chip experts, after the 5g chips that MediaTek has come to help Huawei prepare for shipment can not be shipped, now it can only ask ov Xiaomi for help. “MTK originally helped Huawei stock 30 million sets of mobile phone chips in the fourth quarter, but now these 30 million sets can only be supported by these three companies.” < p > < p > that is to say, whether Huawei has chips available after mid September depends on ov Mi’s face. Of course, as the @ mobile chip expert asked: “if you are ov, Xiaomi purchases, MTK plans to coordinate the first transfer of 5g chips before mid September to Huawei for use, and then supply ov after mid September. Would you like Xiaomi?” < / P > < p > finally, the time before September 15 is really not long. I don’t know what Huawei will do next to alleviate the current chip problem. Refuel Huawei! Science Discovery