Huawei joins hands with drift motion camera to ignite Hongmeng ecological stars with distributed technology

  。 With Huawei cheering at the 2020 developers’ conference, Hongmeng OS2.0, which takes distributed technology as the core, has finally been released and opened to the public. Huawei’s goal is to unite leading enterprises in various subdivided fields through Hongmeng distributed soft bus, distributed data management, distributed security and other system capabilities to virtualize independent intelligent terminals into a shared capability resource pool under Hongmeng system, It’s beyond Android’s software platform concept to allow applications to call their required hardware capabilities at will. Just as Dr. Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei’s consumer business software department, proposed, < / P > < p > as the first famous European brand in the field of motion cameras to practice Hongmeng’s Distributed Concept and launch its flagship product, ghost 4K +, participated in this technology event, Adam East, chief operating officer of drift Europe, shared with developers around the world the course of cooperation between drift and Huawei in terms of hardware virtualization capability through video.

‘s construction of hung Meng relies on the joint efforts of millions of developers in China. On the first day of the conference, HUAWEI awarded awards to excellent partners. We saw the excellent Sohu including video, Kwai, DRIFT, SKYWORTH, Changhong, Jingdong and so on, which won HUAWEI Smart Device best innovation partner award. This is Huawei’s recognition of excellent brands. At the forum, Zhang Shoujie, director of Huawei’s CBG solutions department, on behalf of Huawei, released a white paper on intelligent hardware distributed technology. In view of consumers’ demand for personalized customization of “terminal”, he proposed the direction of creating the ultimate experience of scene based on hardware mutual assistance and ecological partners. The conference included Huawei, Sohu Video,, etc, IFLYTEK and other technical experts shared their experience in realizing innovative business models through distributed hardware capabilities in their respective fields. < / P > < p > entering the 2000 square meter ecological experience area of the conference, the first thing that comes into view is the Hongmeng distributed full scene display area, taking the drift motion camera as an example. According to the introduction of Huawei experts, users have more and more demands for personalized customization. However, due to the constraints of cost and manpower, it is impossible for us to design an independent hardware and system for each application scenario, Hongmeng’s distributed concept comes from the movable type printing invented by China’s four great inventions – flexible and unfixed, which can be divided and combined, thus greatly reducing the time-consuming and investment of producers. The live demonstration of the swift ghost 4K + motion camera can be automatically discovered and connected by the mobile phone through the distributed virtualization capability of the device, and the camera of the mobile phone can be replaced from the bottom of the system, including Sohu Video, After the Kwai live video live App is connected with DVKit, it can call the nearby Drift motion camera at any time and broadcast live as a real-time video source. This not only meets the needs of outdoor broadcast, but also makes full use of the social functions of live App, including beauty, music, AI and other social functions, giving users new experience. < / P > < p > when we came to the booth of “new shopping experience”, we saw an overseas live show app, liveme. By integrating Huawei’s distributed capabilities, we can automatically discover and connect the drift ghost 4K + cameras from all angles in the live room. This function has been praised by the live e-commerce users, and the anchor can show the product details from all angles very flexibly, Realize 360 degree panoramic live broadcast without dead angle. Compared with the multi slot pilot system, which costs tens of thousands of yuan, this solution is extremely optimal in terms of equipment cost and labor cost. < / P > < p > the hardware on-demand combination mode of Hongmeng ecology has given the industry more convenience, and now there is a certain intersection in fields that were originally irrelevant. At the exhibition site, we saw the automatic analysis equipment of animal behavior realized by the Department of biomedical engineering of Southern University of science and technology through the drift distributed motion camera combined with Huawei hIaI capability. According to Professor Chen of Southern University of science and technology, The significance of animal behavior analysis includes drug safety and efficacy evaluation, disease animal model function evaluation, and animal health monitoring. The traditional analysis equipment has some shortcomings, such as high cost, and can not be customized according to the use scenario. The swift ghost 4K + motion camera integrated with Huawei’s distributed ability can be flexibly installed in the most appropriate observation angle, In this way, we can use the mobile phone’s drift camera instead of the mobile phone’s mobile phone’s motion monitoring device for real-time analysis, It provides a very convenient analysis tool for drug safety testing. < / P > < p > Professor Chen particularly appreciates the ability of the shift ghost 4K + motion camera to capture up to 240 frames per second of video. In animal behavior analysis, high frame rate shooting and video transmission can capture movements and expressions more accurately, which is also a great guarantee for the accuracy of AI automatic analysis. In the future, We will see more deep application scenarios of drift motion camera in the field of research assistant. < / P > < p > as Wang Chenglu of Huawei mentioned in the first day’s press conference, “so many high-tech enterprises in China have entered the world’s top 500. It seems that they are flourishing, but in fact they are full of crisis, because we have no roots. Almost all the technologies used by Chinese software developers come from the United States. The production line belongs to others. We are just assembly workers on the assembly line. The emergence of Hongmeng OS may be the beginning of Chinese software having its own roots. “In codelab area of Huawei’s ecological experience area, we are surprised to see that more and more young developers are joining the ranks, Demonstrate China’s power to the world with practical actions. < / P > < p >: drift is an 11 year old sports camera manufacturer headquartered in London, UK. It listens to the voice of users and continues to polish its products, making it a brand of sports cameras loved and trusted by consumers. Since its establishment in 2009, drift has been committed to creating high cost performance, easy to use and full of British design sense of sports camera products for users, It has won many awards including the red dot design award. It is also one of the few sports camera brands recognized by NASA that can perform space missions in the world. In June 2020, swift first launched the product ghost 4K + that supports Huawei’s distributed capabilities, providing global consumers with the ability to freely combine hardware and software based on Hongmeng ecology in the field of sports cameras. Skip to content