Huawei launches “erlangshen” smart camera: add mobile phone technology, long focus and wide-angle coverage

Recently, Huawei has launched a “Erlang Shen” intelligent camera for highway monitoring, which has the characteristics of super star AI dual-mode ball machine, panoramic + detail all-weather visibility, and front-end intelligence. It is understood that PTZ cameras commonly used in high-speed industries are mainly PTZ gun cameras or spherical cameras, with a focal length of more than 100 mm and optical zoom of 20 times. When zooming in and zooming out, the global perspective will be lost. < p > < p > and Huawei AI dual-mode ball machine combines the technology of Huawei mobile phone to add a 5mm lens to a ball machine, so that a single device has a long focus 220mm lens and a wide-angle 5mm lens. < / P > < p > among them, the 220mm telephoto lens adopts 4 million pixels, supports 40 times zoom, and can monitor event details in any interval of 20-1000m as required. < / P > < p > at present, Huawei has launched the “Erlang Shen” intelligent camera, which has seven kinds of event monitoring algorithms, including parking detection, retrograde detection, pedestrian intrusion, spills, congestion detection, fog detection, and traffic accidents. Skip to content