Huawei mate 40 has no chance of Hongmeng system, and still uses Google Android, which has poured cold water on pollen

In 2019, in response to the U.S. “entity list” sanctions, Huawei released two trump cards. Hongmeng system, with its two major features of distributed technology and Internet of things application, has attracted many users’ attention. However, since it was released a year ago, Hongmeng system has not revealed its true appearance, and has not solved the problem that GMS cannot be used on mobile phones, which makes many users very anxious. However, some time ago, Yu Chengdong confirmed that Huawei Kirin chips would be discontinued after mid September. At the same time, foreign media pointed out that Hongmeng system will launch version 2.0 at Huawei’s developer conference this year, and open source worldwide. The news that followed made many users think that Huawei mate40 series will launch Hongmeng system. After all, the combination of software and hardware is the biggest competitiveness of Huawei’s mobile phones. Now that hardware advantages are cut off, it is natural to give full play to the software advantages. However, according to the network access information of Huawei’s new machines, Huawei mate40 series may not be suitable for Hongmeng system. The last message of the machine’s network access permission says that it uses Android operating system, which is like pouring cold water on the pollen in advance. You should know that after Huawei’s temporary pass expired, Google has sent an article saying that it may stop the system maintenance and technology update of Huawei’s mobile phone. < / P > < p > this means that Google will not give any help to Huawei’s mobile phones, and the reason why Huawei can still use Android at present has nothing to do with the US ban. After all, Android is an open source system in essence, and any manufacturer has the right to use it. This is also an important reason why Huawei immediately added that it would carry out system maintenance and function upgrade after Google announced that it would no longer maintain its mobile phone. However, in my opinion, it is the best time for Huawei mobile phone to access Hongmeng system. According to the past news, Hongmeng system can also be compatible with Android system, which means that the normal use of Huawei mobile phones will not be affected by the use of Hongmeng system. Moreover, Hongmeng system has its own traffic and attraction. With the help of this system, Huawei mate40 Series sales will reach a new level. < p > < p > of course, the Hongmeng system has not been applied to mobile phones, and the author can understand that, after all, users have high expectations for Hongmeng system. If the effect does not meet the expectation, the signboard of Hongmeng may be destroyed. < p > < p > moreover, according to Huawei’s plan, Hongmeng system will focus on watches, TVs, locomotives and other products this year, although Hongmeng system does not appear in mobile phones. However, we can see that Hongmeng system has been making progress. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year