Huawei mate 40 series appearance exposure still has the top model

Huawei’s annual flagship model mate 40 series is scheduled to be released globally on October 22. At present, the details of this model are still highly confidential and little is known to the outside world. So far, it is widely known that this mobile phone will adopt Kirin 9000 SOC chipset, integrate 5g modem, 66W high-speed fast charging technology, and Huawei’s strong camera system. The cameras will be arranged in a new form. < / P > < p > today, a group of rendering images came out on the Internet, which made the outside world know more about this model. What is unique is that the rear camera module has been transformed into an octagonal glass window design. From the rendered image, it can be seen that mate40 is equipped with at least five cameras, among which the optical zoom periscope lens on the upper right is the most recognizable. From the lens size, in view of Huawei With super bottom sensor technology, the lens below should be the main camera. < / P > < p > the two cameras on the left are currently conjectured that either the medium zoom lens is used to bridge the main camera and the hyperfocal lens to form a complete optical zoom system, similar to P40 PRO +, or it may be a separate 5-fold optical zoom camera. Based on these speculations, this rendering is likely to show the top configuration model of the mate 40 series, which is the mate 40 PRO +. < / P > < p > from another network exposure information, we see a picture of a retail box of mate 40 PRO +. From this photo, the model is nop-an00, which supports 5g, has 12gb of memory and 256gb of storage space, and “ceramic black” color matching. This figure confirms from the side that there may be a top model like mate 40 PRO +. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer