Huawei mate 40 series launch! Kirin 1000 processor released on September 5

As usual, Huawei releases the mate 40 series flagship in the second half of the year. Huawei will take the lead in unveiling a new generation of flagship processors before launching the Mate Series flagship.

on August 7, informant @ rodent950 disclosed that Kirin’s next generation flagship chip was named Qilin 1000, which will be officially released on September 5.

information shows that Kirin 990 was released on September 6 in Berlin, Germany. It is speculated that Kirin 1000 may appear on September 5.

according to the information disclosed, Kirin 1000 is based on the 5nm process and may adopt cortex A78 architecture, which will greatly improve the performance compared with Kirin 990.

in addition, industry insiders @ mobile phone chip experts pointed out that the cost of Huawei’s 5nm Kirin chip is between Apple A14 and apple ARM CPU.

@ the talent of mobile phone chip also disclosed that the number of Kirin processor chips required by Huawei before the end of the year, whether 5nm or 7Nm, will be delivered by mid September. Huawei’s product delivery in the second half of the year is not a big problem.

to sum up, Kirin 1000 is expected to be released in early September, and mate 40 series may be officially launched in late September or October. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865