Huawei mate 40pro steel film appears in waterfall screen, which direction is Huawei Samsung right?

Huawei mate 40 pro’s current exposure is quite miscellaneous, but we can judge the appearance design of this mobile phone from the toughened film. Because the advanced toughened film appeared earlier than the product, and the protective shell and so on, these things can be judged in advance. Today, “8090 life digital” has given a brand-new exposure, and the protagonist of this exposure is Huawei mate 40 pro.

from the two pictures, we can formally see the appearance of this tempered film and the bending of large arc, which is no problem. This year, Huawei is still a small manufacturer of waterfall screens. For example, Huawei’s Nova 7 Pro Series and glory 30 Pro Series are both waterfall screens. So Huawei mate 40 pro with waterfall screen design can actually understand, because Huawei thinks that this appearance can be done.

we can see from the following picture that the perpendicularity is not very large. I don’t know if it is an improved waterfall screen design. This year, there are many improved versions of waterfall screen phones, such as oppo find x2 pro, plus 8 Pro Series. Therefore, if it is improved, it is actually acceptable to design the surface by mistake. However, waterfall screen and Samsung are now moving towards the 2.75d and note 20 vertical screen design, which direction is the right one for waterfall screen and Samsung’s brand-new approach, which has caused controversy in the whole circle.

in fact, for Huawei’s mobile phones, I have always stressed that there are only two areas that need to be improved, one is the quality of the screen, the other is the dual speaker. If these two points are improved on mate 40 pro, even the waterfall screen is acceptable to me.

Author: zmhuaxia