Huawei mate x2 will be equipped with 8.3-inch Samsung folding screen, and its target sales volume will be increased tenfold

It home on August 17, according to Tencent technology, according to reports from internal sources, Huawei will launch its second-generation folding screen new machine mate x2 in the autumn. Samsung display will provide 8.3-inch CPI panel to Huahua in the third quarter of this year, and plans to set the sales target of 10 times that of the previous two models, that is, about 300000 units. According to the report, mate x2 retains the central pillar design of Huawei mate X series, which is used to load camera devices, etc., but it is also equipped with a 4.5 * 0.65 inch narrow sub display screen below, which can be used to display daily information such as time and weather. In addition, the new machine will be changed from the past outside folding design to inside folding design. As for whether the machine supports the stylus, it is still uncertain. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?

Author: zmhuaxia