Huawei mate40 bright sword, priority upgrade Hongmeng 2.0120hz + true TV full screen!

Looking back over the past six months, there have been many competitive 5g mobile phones in China, such as Xiaomi 10, one plus 8, etc. these mobile phones are more powerful than iPhones at the same price. Compared with the iPhone E2, they not only have larger battery capacity, but also have more than 3000 iPhones in terms of practicability, coupled with dual-mode 5g network and fast charging technology. However, in the face of the high price of the iPhone 11 Pro Series, domestic mobile phones are slightly inferior in competitiveness, and can not surpass the competitors in sales, so that the popularity of Huawei P40 PRO + and Xiaomi 10 premium version is far less than that of the iterative iPhone 11! < p > < p > at this time, Huawei mate40 will show its true ability without reservation, and it will be the best model of Kirin 9000 chip. The author will share the known exposure configuration with you! In terms of screen shape, Huawei mate40 Pro inherits the classic of mate30 pro of the previous generation, and adopts a radical curved screen design, which brings about an almost 88 ° curved curve, which brings excellent hand and visual experience. Considering that Liu Haiping is no longer the future trend, Huawei mate40 Pro has also abandoned 3D structured light technology and replaced with the latest generation of screen fingerprint identification, which is still the biological unlocking technology provided by huiding company, with better unlocking accuracy and higher safety coefficient! In terms of screen size, < / P > < p > the screen size of Huawei mate 40pro is 6.78 inches, and that of Huawei P40 Pro’s same four curved screen, adding 2K resolution BOE AMOLED screen, supports the design of the highest 120 Hz refresh rate, but it still adopts the double hole digging screen design, mainly to retain its excellent self shooting experience, with 32 million + 8 million pre pixels, which is the best self timer module in the industry at present! In terms of lens parameters, Huawei mate40 Pro will continue to support Leica certification, and is expected to join a five camera module, with Sony imx700 as the main camera. This CMOS is also the largest mobile phone sensor at present, helping Huawei P40 Pro become the world’s first camera phone!

in addition to the main lens of the force, the other mate40 lenses of HUAWEI Pro Pro are also very strong. The pixel reaches 40 million pixels, the ultra wide-angle +2000 awesome periscope long focus +800 million pixels, and the photo power is further enhanced. In terms of processor, it adopts the same 5nm process as apple A14. The running point data of Kirin 9000 processor will exceed 600000, and the power consumption will be reduced by 20%. More powerful independent NPU and ISP are added to give it more powerful AI computing power. In addition, Huawei mate40 has a more powerful emui11 system Pro is expected to be the smoothest Android phone so far, with 8GB + 128GB memory. In terms of network, Huawei is the leader of 5g mobile phones, and Kirin 9000 is also an integrated 5g SOC chip, so it has the most mature 5g technology and good network stability. Huawei mate40 Pro supports dual card and dual standby, and supports almost all mainstream 5g frequency bands in China. Considering that Huawei Kirin chips will not be produced in the future, this generation of products will become the best model for Huawei’s self-developed chips, so it is very popular at present. According to the supply chain, Huawei mate40 Pro may have only about 10 million units in the early stage. It is estimated that it will be difficult to find a machine at that time. It is estimated that the price will go up to 6000, which makes many people feel unable to afford it. < / P > < p > the most positive thing is that Huawei mate40 series will also enjoy the priority of upgrading Hongmeng 2.0 rights and interests in consideration of mobile phone positioning. Will you support it? Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12