Huawei mate40 concept map: bold five rear cameras, iPhone 12 is also blind

There are a lot of adverse news about Huawei at present, but this will not affect the attention of the outside world on Huawei mate 40, the flagship mobile phone to be released soon. At present, although there are many messages about Huawei mate40 series mobile phones, there is no accurate information that can depict Huawei mate 40 completely. According to the relevant information and their own imagination, foreign media made a group of conceptual renderings of Huawei mate 40. In this group of concept rendering images, the rear camera of Huawei mate 40 has undergone significant changes. < p > < p > there is a huge change in the screen part of Huawei mate40. This change is that the design of Liu Haiping screen has been lost. It is said that the display effect of Huawei mate 40’s screen will be upgraded. For example, the refresh rate of the screen will be upgraded to 120 Hz, and the screen resolution will reach 2K level. The overall display effect is still excellent. I think that the current display effect of mobile phones will set off a new competition, especially in the refresh rate of the screen. < p > < p > after the Liu Hai screen of Huawei mate40 was cut off, it should be said that the guess about the design rate is that the front camera and face recognition are unlocked and hidden under the screen. For this design, although some mobile phone manufacturers are making efforts to develop it, there is still a certain gap between them to be perfect. Therefore, foreign media think Huawei mate 40 should be able to solve this problem. The front camera and face recognition module hidden under the screen can perfectly solve this design problem and create another world of mobile phone design. < / P > < p > for the design of Huawei mate40 fuselage part, it should be said that the foreign media still paid attention to it. For example, the camera module of Huawei mate40 adopts a completely different design appearance. The rear camera module adopts a horizontal layout, occupying the top part of Huawei mate40. The number and layout of lenses in the rear camera module have also changed greatly, which is one of the designs with higher recognition. < p > < p > the rear camera module on the back of Huawei mate40 is equipped with five cameras, and the layout of these five cameras has changed greatly. The main camera and flash are designed together, while the other four cameras are designed in the right part of the lens module. Huawei mate40’s main camera is said to be upgraded to 108 megapixels, while the other three remain above 48 million pixels. There is also a black painted camera, which is likely to be a 3D TOF lens. < p > < p > the hardware design of Huawei mate40 fuselage should be said to be relatively robust. What is expected is that Huawei mate 40 will be equipped with Kirin 9000 chip, which is a chip made with 5 nm technology, which will have a very good performance in terms of performance and power consumption. As for the production capacity problem caused by Kirin 9000 chip, there are also many conjectures at present. There are also news that Huawei mate 40 will have multiple versions for sale. Of course, these are only news and have not been confirmed. < / P > < p > do you think the design of Huawei mate40 in concept rendering meets your requirements? If Huawei mate 40 is launched, will you give up the iPhone 12 and buy Huawei? Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo

Author: zmhuaxia