Huawei mate40 is stable! TSMC 5nm + price does not rise! Only this, let a person regret!

With September approaching, Xiaomi 10 supreme edition and Samsung note20 ultra have opened the prelude to the competition among major flag ships and planes, and major brands are also warming up for their new machines. Among these mobile phone brands, Huawei, which has experienced numerous difficulties, is the most attractive one! From the beginning of the US crackdown on Huawei in 2019 to the attack on Huawei’s chip supply chain this year, Huawei has finally fallen into a “chip crisis”. The mate 40 series carrying Kirin out of print chips has become a common concern of domestic netizens. Recently, Huawei officially announced that it would hold IFA 2020 special activity in Germany on September 3. From the product release cycle and warm-up poster, it is easy to find that Huawei mate40 is coming soon, and some of the news about mate40 has been made public! It is reported that mate40 may be divided into Standard Version, Pro version and Pro Plus version. The whole series will adopt curved surface + capsule hole digging screen, and reserve volume button for users. The processor will also adopt Kirin 9000 chip with TSMC 5nm technology. < / P > < p > what makes consumers happy is that Huawei does not play the “commemorative version” brand in terms of price. According to media reports, Huawei’s best-selling Pro Series, 128G version, 256g version and 512g version, are sold for 5999 yuan, 6499 yuan and 7399 yuan respectively. Compared with the release price of mate 30 series in the same storage, the price has not increased! Mate40 is stable this time! However, mate 40 is the only operating system, which is a pity. < p > < p > after Huawei was listed on the list of entities in the United States, without the support of Google GMS, overseas users are no different from a brick! In order to break through this limitation, Huawei has adopted the solution of Hongmeng system + independent application ecological HMS. In February this year, Huawei HMS was officially released, and Hongmeng system has become the focus of attention of “pollens”. A few days ago, a message came from Huawei’s supply chain that it was upgrading its products to fully adapt to Hongmeng system. Huawei officials also announced that Hongmeng 2.0 will officially appear in September. Equipped with Hongmeng system, mate40 may become a “Phoenix bathing in fire”! < / P > < p > however, the result is not the same as we thought! Recently, Huawei has entered the network with a new model. This model is the mate40 series which will be launched soon. However, the last key message of the access information is “operating system: Android”. This makes netizens who are ready to start mate40 unexpected. Why didn’t it carry Hongmeng system when mate40 will become Huawei’s ultimate flagship? Maybe it has something to do with the following two points! < / P > < p > first of all, is Hongmeng system ready? The answer is yes! Yu Chengdong has repeatedly publicly stated that if Huawei can no longer continue to use Google Android, Huawei mobile phones will be upgraded to Hongmeng system in a short time. However, the upgrading of all smart phones is often irreversible. Huawei mate 40 initially carries Android, which may be the decision to upgrade to the new system Hongmeng? Or Android, which is already mature? Huawei respects the decision of users! < / P > < p > secondly, the original intention of Hongmeng system is to solve the problem of 5g Internet of things. At present, 5g has not released a “dividend”, and the deployment of the global Internet of things has not ushered in the outbreak period. Hongmeng’s deployment in the field of Internet of things does not have too much pressure. On the contrary, it will certainly break the monopoly of the mobile operating system market in the United States, and overseas promotion is bound to “suffer” again Interference “. Moreover, Android has been upgraded to 11. The launch of Hongmeng mobile phone system needs to be upgraded and improved from generation to generation. What’s more, there are still many unknowns about the next generation flagship P50 and mate50. Huawei does not want Hongmeng mobile phone system to be “both a starting point and a key point”! < / P > < p > choose Android, Huawei may want to leave the final “stability” to consumers, but for consumers, this may become a permanent regret! Are you looking forward to mate40 with Android? Welcome to comment area message, everybody discuss together! Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo