Huawei mate40 lens film manufacturer: mate40 lens film has been put into production!

: mass production has started, and some mate40 lens films have entered the market. Has Huawei decided on the design of mate40? Many netizens said that they are optimistic about this ultra-high face value and high-tech Huawei mate 40 mobile phone. After all, it is also our domestic giant and one of the global mobile phone brands. < / P > < p > according to Internet news, Yu Chengdong disclosed at the 2020 China informatization 100 summit that the long-awaited annual flagship mate40 series will be released as scheduled, especially now that the release date is getting closer and closer, the exposure rate of many detailed parameters, protective film, price and other information about mate40 series is also getting higher and higher. < / P > < p > so how does Huawei liquid lens work? In fact, the liquid lens uses the vibration frequency of water drops exposed to different acoustic frequencies. When the light passes through the water drops, the device will convert into a micro camera lens, and according to the distance between the lens and the shooting object, determine the range of the picture into or out of focus, so that the operator can obtain a clear image. < / P > < p > how afraid are liquid lenses to be scratched? When the lens is scratched and affects the light passing through the water droplets, the device will not be able to accurately determine the range of the picture into or out of focus, which greatly affects the effect of the lens to obtain the picture, thus affecting the shooting itself. < / P > < p > how to avoid this problem? The manufacturer of lens film has given a feasible solution, which is very simple. It only needs a small lens film and a new protection outside the lens. In terms of material and workmanship, the lens film has integrated molding technology, which is made by cutting the whole piece of glass. It has excellent scratch resistance and impact resistance, which can effectively protect the lens of Aiji from abrasion. < / P > < p > although Huawei mate40 series has not been released, protective film and lens film are indispensable parts of mobile phones. If you are a mate40 or mate40 Pro user, please add a more detailed protection shield to your mobile phone. After all, if the expensive mobile phone is scratched in daily life, the user experience will be greatly reduced, not to mention the frequent use of the lens, which is a crucial position. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”