Huawei mate40 most complete disclosure summary, two chips, four models!

In terms of the high-end mobile phone market, Huawei, apple and Samsung have shown a situation of tripartite confrontation. Although oppo, Yijia and Xiaomi claim to have impacted on the field of high-end mobile phones, the achievements they can achieve are not satisfactory. In terms of single machine sales, they are far less than the volume of iPhones. Huawei’s P and mate series are also the top sellers, becoming the best-selling high-end models in China. Different from previous years, Huawei mate40 series was not released as scheduled, but was postponed to next month, when it will be launched at the same time as the iPhone 12. News about its configuration is also endless. Huawei mate40 is the most comprehensive summary, with two chips and four models, which are rarely in stock! < p > < p > Yu Chengdong also returned to the issue of Huawei mate40 release date, and said, “please wait a moment, everything will come as scheduled”. From this sentence, we can see the confidence of Mr. Yu. After all, it is Kirin 9000 chip. Even if the next generation product cannot carry the self-developed Hisilicon chip, at least the Huawei mate40 is still the domestic android king! According to the exposure news, Huawei has obtained about 10 million Kirin 9000 chips from TSMC, but this can not meet the sales demand of Huawei mate 40 series, and the stock is not large, so the inventory may not last for half a year. In this regard, Huawei mate40 series will have another solution! < / P > < p > according to the latest information, Huawei mate 40 series will bring four configuration versions, corresponding to Huawei mate 40, Huawei mate 40 PRO +, Huawei mate 40 PRO + and Porsche Design models. As for “pro” and “Porsche” series, Kirin 9000 chips are available in the “Pro” and “Porsche” series, while the entry-level version of Huawei mate 40 is equipped with Kirin 9000e chip, which is the same as the strategy of the iPhone 12 series. The difference is that apple is concerned about production capacity and cost. The basic version of the iPhone 12 Mini adapts to the B14 chip, but Huawei’s mate40 chip is not in stock. Therefore, the company takes the Kirin 9000e chip of 7Nm as the upgraded version of Kirin 990! < / P > < p > although it is a 7Nm process chip, we need not doubt the performance strength of Huawei mate40. After all, since the Kirin 980, the performance has been excessive. At present, mobile phone manufacturers pay more attention to photography and battery life! Huawei mate40 Pro has greatly upgraded its photo taking to 50 million super sensitive Leica four cameras, and supports ryyb color technology as always. External media rendering shows that Huawei mate40 Pro may add a “free lens” to avoid image distortion during wide-angle shooting. As for Huawei mate40 PRO +, it is expected to add periscope telephoto lens to support higher optical zoom ratio. More advantages of Porsche mate 40 lie in its body texture and design! < / P > < p > finally, let’s talk about the appearance upgrade of Huawei mate40 series. According to the news, Huawei mate40 series supports OLED screen design. The basic version is also curved screen design, while the high configuration version is added with “waterfall screen” design. 3D structured light technology is abandoned and replaced by double hole digging screen design, so as to improve the proportion of Huawei mate 40 series of integrated screens! Huawei’s mobile phone will not launch Hongmeng OS this year, but this Huawei mate 40, which supports emui11, will be the first mobile phone to switch to Hongmeng system next year, which is a big selling point of Huawei! Unfortunately, Kirin 9000 chips are rarely in stock, and Huawei mate 40 series will be hard to get by then! < / P > < p > the last is the date of Huawei mate40 press conference. It is reported that Huawei mate 40 series mobile phone offline stores have begun to plan materials to prepare for package stores. During the national day, it will be released around the 20th of next month. To be sure, Huawei mate40 will also be able to upgrade the Hongmeng 2.0 system next year, which will be more playable by then. Referring to the pricing strategies of the past mate series, Huawei mate40 is likely to increase its price this year. However, considering its scarcity, it may overtake the iPhone 12 in popularity in the first month. The starting price is expected to be 4999 yuan. Will you buy it? New product launch