Huawei mate40 series release: halo behind total solar eclipse

As the conference drew to a close, Huawei and delacey, a singer from Los Angeles, began to cooperate, and the scene reached a climax again. The background picture presents a total solar eclipse, which makes almost all the audience understand its meaning instantly: Although the moment when the sun is completely blocked by shadow is the darkest moment, it can let us see a more dazzling halo; and after a short moment, there will still be bright sunlight. < / P > < p > the final total solar eclipse of the press conference caused a small climax of the audience. “Ring” is the core design language of mate40, and at the moment of seeing the golden ring of solar eclipse, we also understood the core design language of mate40: halo. The element of halo appears frequently: the buildings on the posters of the press conference present a golden ring; they are both creative and practical, and can be used as the ring flash protection shell for the front fill light, and the biggest highlight is the ring fill light; and the most important ring is naturally the camera design: 4-5 cameras and flash lights are arranged in a ring, and the official name is “Star” Ring design “solves the design problems of mobile phones in the era of multi camera, and no longer has to choose between” Yuba “and” dense fear “. Although the last generation of mate30 series rear cameras seem to have used star ring design, but in fact, the cameras are still juxtaposed in the middle, only adding ring decoration on the edge, which is essentially different from the camera completely distributed according to the ring this time. In the long run, this solution may also solve the problem of how to arrange more cameras in the future. < / P > < p > the invitation letter of the press conference is also a “ring”. Even in the newly added color “secret silver”, it seems that some “aura” can be seen. The edge of the halo often refracts colorful neon light, and the secret silver will show different colors according to different light changes, which looks like the effect reflected by the camera “halo”. < / P > < p > the color neon of the secret silver is very similar to the halo on the outer edge of the halo. Compared with these, the waterfall screen of mate30 series, which changes from “bangs” scheme to “hole digging” scheme, is not so important. In short, the most important feature and difference of mate40 Series in appearance design can be summarized in one word, which is “ring”. Huawei mate40 series is equipped with Kirin 9000 processor and Kirin 9000e processor, both of which adopt 5nm process technology and a77 + g78 architecture. The maximum upgrade on GPU is mali-g78 mp24 with 24 cores. Kirin 9000 integrates 15.3 billion transistors, which improves CPU performance by 25%, GPU performance by 50%, and NPU performance by 150%. In addition, it also has X-axis linear motor. These two processors can be said to be the first-class level in the current mobile phone industry, but it is a little sad that, due to well-known reasons, it will also be the last generation of Kirin chips in the short term. < p > < p > in terms of charging performance of the soon to be out of print Kirin chip, mate40 pro and mate 40 PRO + adopt 66W super fast charging, and support 50W wireless charging. This is a higher standard than Apple’s just released iPhone 12 series. On the screen, mate40 uses a 90hz high refresh rate screen. Yu Chengdong said that in fact, 120Hz high-speed screen is also an alternative, but 90hz is the final solution considering the balance between power consumption and display effect. The ability of imaging and photographing has always been the most important selling point of Huawei’s flagship, and also the most intense competition field with other brand flagship mobile phones. With Leica’s blessing, Huawei’s photo taking function once became an industry benchmark. The mate40 series comes standard with a 50 megapixel, f / 1.9 aperture, 1 / 1.28 inch sensor super sensing camera. In addition to the main camera, mate40 standard version has a 3x optical zoom lens and a 16 megapixel ultra wide angle lens, while mate 40pro has upgraded its telephoto lens to 10 times optical zoom and its ultra wide angle lens has been upgraded to 20 million pixels. Mate40pro + has a total of five lenses, including a 3x telephoto lens and a 10x telephoto lens, supporting a total of 17x optical zoom. In addition, the entire mate40 series also has a laser focusing sensor, which can greatly improve the focusing speed. < / P > < p > the mate40 RS is very different in appearance. Four versions of the mate40 were released at the press conference. In addition to the three ordinary versions, there was also a special edition called the mate40 RS Porsche Design. It is not the first time that Huawei and Porsche have cooperated in the design. This time, the mate40 RS has a great change in appearance compared with the ordinary version. The camera ring behind the mate40 RS has become a rounded octagon with gray stripes, which makes it more sporty. < p > < p > mate40 has a wide range of colors and versions. In terms of price, mate40 8GB + 128G is priced at 899 yuan, about 7102 yuan; mate 40 Pro 8GB + 256gb, selling price is 1199 euro, about 9473 yuan; mate 40 PRO + 12gb + 256gb, selling price is 1399 euro, about 11053 yuan; mate 40 RS design 12gb + 512gb, selling price is 2295 euro, about 18132 RMB. According to the past practice, the price of Huawei will be lowered compared with the international price when it is released in China, so I believe that the real domestic price will be lower. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo