Huawei mate40 series three giants are ready to go, or “the last dance” for Kirin chip flagship

The U.S. sanctions against Huawei are still escalating. Huawei thought it would be OK to replace hiskirin with MediaTek Tianji. However, maybe in the future, MediaTek will not be able to supply it. Fortunately, the mate40 series was released on schedule in September and launched around the national day. < p > < p > recently, Huawei’s three new machines: oce-an00, noh-an00 and nop-an00, have obtained the network access license of the Ministry of industry and information technology, which should be mate40 series, corresponding to medium-sized mate40, large-sized mate40 PRO +, and super large-scale mate40 PRO +. All three models support dual card 5g. < p > < p > the last generation of mate series, mate30 series, was released on September 19 last year, and BOC version was released on September 26, so the release of mate40 series has entered the countdown. After several media reports, the appearance and configuration of mate40 series have emerged. The first half of, HUAWEI P40 released, because there is no high screen, and fast charging power is only 22.5W, many users make complaints about it, everyone has a very tacit understanding of the choice of P40 Pro. < / P > < p > compared with P40, the medium cup mate40 will certainly surprise everyone. The first is the change in appearance, which will change from a straight screen to a curved screen with better visual effect. Of course, the curvature is not as big as mate40pro, and the power and volume keys are still solid keys like mate30 pro. < / P > < p > secondly, the configuration is more “no dead angle”. The 90hz high-speed screen swiping and 40W fast charging are stable. The rear camera is in line with p40pro. The main camera and long focus lens support OIS optical anti shake, bringing better photo effect. < p > < p > mate40 Pro is the highlight of mate40 series. It adopts the waterfall curved screen design with more powerful visual effect, and the four borders are very narrow, which accounts for a high proportion of screens. Although it is still a double hole screen, the aperture is further reduced, and the overall visual impression is very good. < p > < p > because the touch volume key of mate30 Pro is easy to be touched by mistake, mate40 Pro returns to the solid volume key and power key. Moreover, it still supports 3D face recognition. The recognition module is integrated in the drilling, and 3D face recognition can be realized without Liu Haiping design. Mate40 Pro does. < / P > < p > in terms of photography, mate40 pro and P40 series of the same model of 50 megapixel super perceptual Leica four shot, of which the film lens has also been upgraded to 50 million pixels, with periscope long focus lens, supporting up to 5 times optical zoom and 55 times digital zoom. The battery capacity of mate40 Pro is 4560mah and supports 65W cable charging. It can be fully charged in 40 minutes. Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative version has started to use 120W fast charging, so the charging efficiency can only be said to be average, but compared with the 40W fast charging that has been used before, 65W is naturally much better. < / P > < p > in the P40 series, Huawei launched the super high-end market of P40 PRO + for the first time. It turns out that when it comes to P40 PRO + or iPhone 11 pro, users prefer the latter. < p > < p > mate40 PRO + is expected to change this phenomenon and gain the upper hand in the battle with the iPhone 12pro. The screen will be upgraded to a top-level screen with 2K level and 120Hz refresh rate. Taking photos will be more powerful than p40pro +, and major upgrades will be made in fast charging, or the fastest 120W super fast charging will be adopted to become the “Android king of the year”. The price of < 0P + Pro > will not be increased, so the price will not be increased. < / P > < p > ZTE will officially release the world’s first mass-produced off screen camera phone: axon a205g on September 1. Perhaps because the technology is not mature enough, Huawei mate40 will eventually pass the off screen camera and continue the P40 series of double hole digging screen design. < p > < p > in terms of hardware, the mate40 series will be equipped with Kirin 9000 processor based on the 5nm flagship process. This new generation of “out of print” 5g SOC will improve the AI computing power and chip performance. As for lpddr5 memory and ufs3.1 flash memory, it must also have everything, so the performance of mate40 is at least 40% higher than that of mate30. < / P > < p > taking photos, not to mention, mate40 Pro can take back DxOMark number one, and mate 40 PRO + is an unsolvable existence for friends. < p > < p > unfortunately, with the continuous escalation of US sanctions against Huawei, the mate40 series is likely to be the last series of models carrying flagship Kirin chips, which is a bit like the last season of Jordan’s second three consecutive titles, becoming the “last dance”. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year