Huawei mate40pro bright sword! 4K screen + off screen lens + Kirin 1020, goodbye to Huawei p40pro

At present, Huawei’s most popular mobile phone is Huawei p40pro. After taking photos on DOX, the sales volume of Huawei p40pro has increased sharply. The reason why Huawei p40pro is so popular is not only because of its powerful photo taking ability, but also because of its excellent design. Huawei p40pro is the most beautiful one in Huawei’s flagship series. In addition to being loved by photo users, many Xiaomi and Samsung users have transferred to Huawei’s p40pro team.

recently Huawei mate 40pro has been confirmed again. Interested netizens found a set of exposure parameters on the Internet. From the exposure parameters, Huawei mate 40pro is beyond the reach of Huawei p40pro, so many netizens have said goodbye to Huawei p40pro.

Huawei mate40pro and Huawei p40pro are high-end versions of the flagship series. Huawei mate 40pro will be upgraded in performance. In the second half of the year, Huawei mate 40pro will be equipped with mature Kirin 1020 processor. TSMC’s ultimate 5-nanometer process will improve the overall performance by 50%. In addition, the Kirin 1020 will be upgraded to a new A78 CPU architecture, which will further reduce power consumption.

for the screen part, the traditional Liu Hai screen and the perforated screen are all cancelled. Instead, the new off screen lens technology supports a refresh rate of 120Hz, the resolution reaches 4K level, and the screen size is 6.7 inches. Then this brand-new comprehensive screen will have an extremely wide screen and display extremely rich picture contents.

in addition, the back of the fuselage has been greatly adjusted. The curvature of the back panel is not large, and it is extremely smooth, which is more suitable for holding. In the rear camera part, Huawei mate40pro has also made a radical reform. It is reported that Huawei mate 40pro will be equipped with a rear five five shot camera, which is also a Leica camera. Perhaps it keeps a sense of mystery and only exposes a 64 million pixel super sensitive main camera.

it is also reported that among the four cameras, the camera with the lowest pixel will not be less than 20 million pixels. The battery life is stronger than Huawei mate30pro, the battery capacity is increased to 5000mA, and 65W cable fast charging is supported, and the service life will be extended.

at present, there are many 5g Android flagship brands exposed in the market, but in terms of processor, they are weaker than Huawei mate40pro. For example, the exposed small mix4 will only carry the snapdragon 865plus processor. The processor built by 7-nanometer technology can’t compete with the 5-nanometer Kirin 1020. Huawei mate40pro will occupy an absolute performance advantage in the 5g mobile phone market in the second half of the year.

at present, Huawei mate40pro only exposes the parameters, and there is no information on the price. However, the launch time is about the middle of September in the second half of the year, when the Huawei mate40pro will be released. Are you looking forward to this Huawei flagship?

Author: zmhuaxia