Huawei mate40pro concept map: after reading it, I hesitated and advised you to consider iPhone 12

In the second half of the year, Huawei’s heaviest flagship is the mate 40 series. In the first half of the year, the P40 series released by Huawei adopted a four curved surface capsule screen for the first time, and this design is not very pleasant. Although it is also a perforated screen model, but the appearance is far from Samsung flagship. The capsule screen is likely to continue to Huawei mate 40 pro. The latest concept map released by foreign media adopts this design, which is very disappointing after reading. Although the out of print Kirin 9000 chip is worth looking forward to, if you pay special attention to appearance, I’d better advise you to consider iPhone 12!

it’s not that the capsule screen is bad, but Liu Haiping looks more natural and comfortable. And the bangs can also be covered according to the needs. Although the capsule screen is also a waterfall border, it always looks more eye-catching. Put the capsule screen and the Liu Haiping screen together, as if who is uglier. It’s better to choose the iPhone 12 with Liu Hai screen. Although the appearance is not high, users have begun to get used to the bangs after at least a few years of baptism. Moreover, the iPhone 12 is still a three-dimensional frame + face-to-face screen. Compared with Huawei mate 40pro capsule waterfall screen, it is more practical and has fewer short boards.

make complaints about Tucao make complaints about HUAWEI Mate40Pro screen. With a screen size of 6.5 inches and a 2K resolution and a refresh rate of 120Hz, this design is a perfect combination. If you look from the side and bottom, it will be more beautiful. And the shortcomings of the surface border are unavoidable, such as accidental touch and easy damage. Even Samsung note20 has begun to use face-to-face screen, so even if the waterfall screen is gorgeous, if it can not solve these shortcomings, it will be eliminated by users sooner or later.

in the first half of the year, Huawei p40pro + has seen 10 times of lossless optical zoom, which can also be achieved by using a dual periscope zoom structure, which allows light to be reflected five times in the lens to extend the light distance, so as to realize optical zoom.

this is Huawei’s original design, and this design will also be used in Huawei mate40pro, only equipped with four lenses. Because Huawei makes up for the lack of lens number by virtue of its powerful photo taking algorithm. In the future, the number of lenses of Huawei’s flagship aircraft may be reduced, but the photo taking strength will be greatly improved, which is the advantage brought by the super photography algorithm.

Huawei has set off a revolution in mobile phone photography, in which chip support is indispensable. As can be seen from the naming of the Kirin 9000 chipset, there will be a great change compared with the Kirin 990. In addition to the CPU will use arm A78 framework, neural network engine is also worth looking forward to, because in the AI field, will play a greater role. Kirin 9000 may also be the last Huawei self-developed chip, which is worth supporting. If you don’t value appearance and don’t mind that the capsule waterfall screen is too ugly, Huawei mate 40pro can still consider it.

for Huawei, the mate40 series also carries too many missions. The first is to prove that Huawei is an invincible company. As a benchmark for China’s private technology enterprises, Huawei has brought too many surprises. Dear friends, if Huawei mate40pro is designed like this, would you choose to compromise and accept, or will you consider the iPhone 12 of your friend? Welcome to express your opinion in the comment area! Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction