Huawei mate40pro concept map: cancel charging port and waterfall screen, is it amazing by double-sided screen

Huawei has developed very well in recent years. Even if there is no pressure, the mobile phone shipment is still growing. Huawei p40pro released in the first half of the year has gained a good reputation, while Huawei mate 40pro in the second half of the year is more worthy of looking forward to. Besides the out of print Kirin chip, what are the amazing designs of its appearance? Foreign media recently released the design drawing of Huawei mate40pro concept machine, which is completely different from the previous image. It not only abandons the waterfall screen, but also has no charging port. The front and back screens are double, and the forehead and chin are surrounded by the screen. Have you been surprised by this design? < p > < p > the waterfall screen used to be one of Huawei’s most amazing designs, but because of its curved border, it brought unnecessary trouble. Huawei mate40pro cancels the waterfall screen. From the concept map, we can see that the screen covers the whole front of the fuselage. Although it is still a little curved, it is totally different from the 3D curved border, and the display is more complete. There are no ugly bangs and punches, and the front lens is hidden under the screen. This function is very meaningful and indicates the ultimate form of smart phones in the future. Now Xiaomi has decided to release the off screen camera phone next year. Let’s wait for Huawei’s first off screen camera phone to be released. < p > < p > Huawei mate40pro front screen accounts for an extremely high proportion, nearly 100%. And the back of the fuselage is also a screen, that is to say, the front and rear double-sided screen, in the picture display effect will be more than single-sided screen. At the same time, the bottom and forehead of the body are covered by the screen, so that only the glass body around the frame is left. Do you think this design is amazing? But on a closer look, there is still an unreasonable design, that is, a small screen on the top of the forehead, which is totally unnecessary, can not show more interfaces, and will increase the power consumption, but the sub screen in the lower body is still very amazing. < / P > < p > when the back sub screen of Huawei mate40pro is off, the whole fuselage is similar to that of ordinary flagship aircraft, and Huawei’s English logo will also be displayed. At this time, the back is also very spacious, and the rectangular frame is particularly conspicuous. There are four lenses on it, of which the main lens is the largest, which is due to the upgrade of the aperture sensor area. It is equipped with a dual periscope zoom lens. Like Huawei p40pro +, the light is reflected 5 times in the lens structure, which improves the light distance and achieves 10 times lossless zoom. The words of 100 times digital zoom are displayed beside the lens. < p > < p > Huawei mate40pro has no charging port because the bottom and forehead are surrounded by the screen. Now Huawei’s wireless charging technology is very mature, so it will adopt 40W wireless charger. In this way, cable charging is abandoned, but users can’t play with their phones while charging. The power consumption of the dual screen is also very large, so the battery capacity is more than 5000 ma. In addition, Kirin 9000 chip will also greatly improve its power management, and its service life is basically longer than Huawei’s p40pro +. < / P > < p > the front specification of Huawei mate40pro screen is very high, accounting for 97% of the screen. The waterfall screen is cancelled, and the upper and lower parts of the screen are covered, so there is such a high proportion of the screen. The front screen is 2K resolution and supports 120Hz refresh rate, while the sub screen is slightly lower in specification. The material is also LCD panel, which does not support 120Hz refresh rate. The resolution is 1080p. Therefore, the sub screen is mainly used to start application software, while the front screen can be used to play games and swipe video. < / P > < p > this Huawei mate40pro is totally different from the rumored design, but it must be admitted that this design is really amazing. At the same time in the production cost and mass production yield is also very low. At present, it is almost impossible for Huawei to release such a mobile phone. My friends, what do you think? Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?