Huawei mate40pro concept map: equipped with Unicorn chip, you’d better save money earlier

Huawei mobile phones are facing a lot of challenges, because Kirin processor is facing a unique problem, and the subsequent Huawei flagship phone Huawei mate 40pro, it is said, will still carry Huawei Hisilicon processor. As a new flagship mobile phone, what kind of appearance design will Huawei mate40pro adopt? Foreign media released a group of Huawei mate40pro concept renderings. In this group of concept renderings, Huawei mate 40pro adopts the design of screen punching, and the appearance of lens module on the back of the fuselage has also changed. < p > < p > the screen design of Huawei mate40pro still adopts the hyperbolic design appearance, and cuts off the part of Liu Hai screen that we are very familiar with. What can be seen is that after the Liu Hai screen is cut off, the front camera of Huawei mate 40pro adopts the screen single hole punching. At the same time, the position of the single hole on the screen is also designed in the middle of the screen. At present, Huawei’s mobile phone has not seen a similar screen single hole design, so the appearance of Huawei mate 40pro still gives people a bright feeling. < / P > < p > in addition to the screen single hole is designed in the middle of the screen, the screen resolution of Huawei mate 40pro will also be upgraded to 2K level. Meanwhile, the refresh rate of Huawei mate40pro will reach 120 Hz, and the display effect will still be excellent. In addition, the design of single punch on the screen is likely to mean Huawei mate 40pro will give up the design of face recognition unlocking, and biometric encryption technology will completely rely on fingerprint recognition and unlocking under the screen. < / P > < p > the body design of Huawei mate40pro should be said to return to the design appearance of the square lens module before Huawei. The square lens module is designed at the upper left corner of Huawei mate40pro, and the lens module is still painted in black. However, the number of rear cameras in Huawei mate 40 Pro lens module has been improved. The original Huawei mate 30 Pro has 4 rear cameras, while Huawei mate 40 Pro is directly upgraded to 5 rear cameras. < p > < p > the color of Huawei mate40pro is divided into four versions, including blue, orange, red and green. The number of cameras in the lens module is directly upgraded to five. Huawei mate40pro’s five rear cameras include a telephoto lens, and the effective parameters of the main camera will be increased to 64 million pixels. Some foreign media said Huawei mate 40 Pro will be upgraded to 108 million pixel lens, but I think it is unlikely. At present, Huawei mainly researches and develops the AI algorithm and other technologies for taking photos. Blindly pursuing high pixel lens does not mean that it can take beautiful photos. < p > < p > for the design of hardware parameters, Huawei mate40pro will be equipped with Kirin 9000 chip, and it will also support 5g, which will become the standard configuration. However, it is a pity that the Kirin 9000 chip carried by Huawei mate 40pro is likely to become the best, so Huawei mate 40pro may also become the Huawei flagship mobile phone equipped with Kirin chip at last. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!

Author: zmhuaxia