Huawei mate40pro concept map: horizontal 5 lens with full screen, I advise you to buy this Huawei

From Huawei mate 40 series, Kirin chip may not be able to develop independently. After all, the parts involve American technology, and TSMC officially delivered all the chips on September 14. For Huawei, although the blow is great, it is also highly anticipated. Recently, foreign media released a Huawei mate40pro conceptual design drawing, abandoning the cylinder lens model, choosing the classic horizontal 5 lens, and abandoning the waterfall screen, choosing the straight full screen shape, and the fuselage appears light and thin. If Huawei really releases such a flagship, I will definitely advise you to buy it. < / P > < p > in fact, the waterfall screen has gained a good reputation, but after all, it is a curved border, and there are some short boards such as wrong touch and inconvenient film pasting. But Huawei mate40pro will not face such a problem when it is replaced by a face-to-face screen. As can be seen from the concept map, the frame is slender and the fuselage is light and thin. The whole shape is very designed, and it’s really full screen. The 3D face recognition is hidden in the forehead border, and the front lens is hidden under the screen. This design combination has successfully realized the true full screen, and it should also be the development direction of the flagship aircraft in the future. The screen coverage is also very wide, almost invisible at the top of the forehead, where 3D face recognition components are hidden. < / P > < p > this Huawei mate40pro has a very delicate design. In addition to 98.7% screen share, it is also equipped with a 120Hz refresh rate. However, the 2K resolution screen should not be expected. After all, the screen is the most power consuming component. The 120Hz refresh rate consumes more power, but improves the user experience. In terms of screen specifications, Huawei mate40pro is already very powerful. With such high appearance, there is a big gap compared with the iPhone 12. Xiaomi has always been Huawei’s biggest enemy. In the face of such a model, does Xiaomi still have the power to parry? < p > < p > in the design of rear lens, Huawei mate 40pro is also very innovative. The classic roller frame is missing. You can see that the shape of the horizontal five lens is more heroic. The lens is based on Leica certification, and the specifications are similar to Huawei p40pro +. The dual periscope zoom lens structure supports 10 times lossless optical zoom, and the original light reflection is the biggest photo highlight. < / P > < p > at the same time, it also supports a new night scene mode, which can not only be used to take photos at night, but also to record video at night, which can also improve the scene exposure. In fact, this function has been implemented since Huawei p40pro, and video shooting will become a selling point in the future. In terms of hardware configuration, Kirin 9000 is undoubtedly the biggest selling point. After the performance is greatly improved, it may be comparable with apple A14. In fact, consumers are more worried about Kirin chips after Kirin 9000. Especially after the design, procurement, production and other links are suppressed, whether Huawei’s flagship will be released in the future is still a big question. The battery has a capacity of 5500 Ma, but the thickness of the body is less than 7mm. It supports super fast charging and wireless charging. The memory is from 10g. The standard version is also equipped with 128G storage space. < / P > < p > this Huawei mate40pro has been impeccable in both software and hardware. In particular, the design of the face-to-face screen is more attractive. Although it is a concept machine, it is still worth looking forward to. Dear friends, if Huawei releases such a flagship aircraft, I will definitely advise you to buy it. Even if the real machine is not long like this, it is also worth seeing! Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo