Huawei mate40pro concept map: Yuba 6 lens dispensing pill waterfall screen, this is the familiar Huawei

Huawei’s P40 series, released in April this year, is the first to use a four curved border and a double perforated screen. Although it is very innovative, its appearance is still poor. The main reason is that the double hole screen looks like a pill, occupying more space on the screen, so it is also called “pill screen”. Recently, the Huawei mate40pro concept machine released by foreign media also adopts the design of pill screen. Different from Huawei p40pro, the double punch not only integrates the front lens, but also has 3D face recognition function, and is equipped with a very eye-catching waterfall shape. This is the familiar Huawei!

in screen design, Huawei can bring surprise every time. This time, Huawei mate30pro and p40pro are combined to produce this Huawei mate40pro concept machine. From the modeling point of view, it is a very wise choice to retain the waterfall screen, but it is not compatible with retaining four curved surface borders at the same time. The double perforated screen plays an important role at this time, that is, the front single lens and 3D face recognition components are integrated here, so there is no need for bangs. But not everyone likes the shape of the pill screen and waterfall border. After all, it will still be a little eye-catching.

Huawei mate40pro waterfall border is still very spacious, which can integrate multiple virtual key operations, which will optimize the operation efficiency of human-computer interaction and minimize the dependence on physical keys. For example, taking pictures, answering phone calls, switching background, etc., can be realized by only one hand through the operation of curved surface border. The Huawei mate 40 Pro has a 6.8-inch screen and a 20:9 screen ratio, which accounts for 97% of the screen, so the black edges around the screen are almost covered. While the refresh rate is 120Hz, and it is still implemented at 2K resolution, the screen display effect has been the ultimate experience.

from the back of Huawei mate40pro, you can see that the Yuba frame is very large, with 6 Leica lenses and a sub screen. The function of the secondary screen is split screen application. The two screens display different interfaces and applications, and the two sides do not interfere with each other. But this design will make the back appear very complex, lost the sense of simplicity. The rear Leica 6 lens is also very special, more than Huawei p40pro.

you should know that the number of Huawei p4p0ro + lenses is 5, and the photography is generally recognized as the strongest. Both night and day photos show an extremely strong advantage. Of course, Huawei’s most powerful is still the photographing algorithm, so 6 shots are still worth looking forward to.

in terms of hardware, Huawei mate 40pro will launch Kirin 1020 processor, and according to rumors, its performance will be improved by at least 30%. In addition, it will integrate dual 5g modules to maximize Huawei’s 5g technology advantages, and all parts will be de Americanized. The battery capacity is likely to increase to 5500 ma. It is equipped with 120W super fast charging and 40W wireless charging. It supports the IP68 dust and water-proof standard. The memory will start from 10g, and the storage space can support 1TB at most. At the same time, it will also realize the remote operation function of longer distance.

this Huawei mate40pro has the shadow of Huawei p40pro, and has reached a new high in the number of lenses. The shape of the pill screen may be offensive, but in any case, the design is still familiar to Huawei. If the real machine grows like this, are you willing to start? Welcome to share your views on this Huawei mate40pro concept machine!

Author: zmhuaxia