Huawei mate40pro has been in use for half a day. Let’s talk about my feelings

I have to admire the express speed. From the order was placed around 6 p.m. yesterday, it has arrived at noon. That is, mate40pro, the most popular Huawei, has been officially arrived. As the latest model of Huawei, the author of this product has been using for about half a day, and has consulted a lot of pollen. Most users have already got the goods, some are offline, some are online. But many users who choose Huawei mate40pro+ have not yet delivered the products. It seems that the product is really hot. Huawei should be releasing goods urgently. To be honest, it is a long time since the last time that the author used Huawei mobile phone, it should be the moment Huawei mate9 retired, that is, around the beginning of the year, Huawei mate9 has been used as a standby machine, only for the new ones to be released. The model of this time is still Huawei mate series, which has found great changes. In the past, the business style of Huawei mobile phone is full. After getting on with Huawei mate40pro, the feeling of youth trend is more. Of course, this is just my personal feeling. It is necessary to know that the needs of each mobile phone user are different, and the attitude towards products is different, so the following comments are only my personal opinions. Get mate40pro of Huawei, and feel good. But the focus of the author is on the function. I have long admired the air separation operation. This time, many new games have been added. This “air separation operation” supports the up and down sliding control of Huawei video volume adjustment. Although only official applications are supported, there should be some optimization in the future. In addition, although the real button is equipped this time, the virtual volume is really good. If you run naked, it is much better and cool than the solid button. The charging speed has been upgraded greatly. Official data show that it supports 66W charging speed, but it seems that it does not support fast charging on the bright screen, and does not know why it is. It does not meet the expectations of the first time. But in the state of off screen, the charging speed is very fast, but the author does not have a wireless charger. Otherwise, I really want to try the 50W wireless charging speed. In addition, Huawei mate40pro has a unique function, that is, AI subtitles. When watching video, it can be opened and subtitles can be added automatically. That is, the accuracy rate needs to be optimized later. In fact, the author basically did not test the hardware, but tested some mainstream games, which can run smoothly with high frame rate. For the unicorn 9000 processor, the performance upgrade is very large. There is also a pity that there is no 120Hz screen refresh rate. Although it is for power consumption, there is a saying that it is very good, I can be different, but you can’t. Of course, the two configurations of dual speaker are still very powerful in daily use, which is much better than the sound of screen. For imaging capability, the author just took a random shot, which is very clear, and can afford 50million pixel super sensing main shot +20million pixel film lens + 12 megapixel latent long focus lens combination. But there are also defects, such as the thickness of the glass plate body reached 9.1mm, the plain skin version reached 9.5mm, and the weight reached 212g, which is really a bit heavy. In short, Huawei mate40pro, as a high-end flagship mobile phone, can certainly meet the user’s needs. Overall, this is a good start. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865

Author: zmhuaxia