Huawei mate40pro’s selling price has been disclosed by BOC, and the initial price of 5nm technology is only 5999 yuan

Huawei mate 40 series should be the most concerned product in the second half of this year. According to the latest information, Huawei mate 40 series, like P40 series, has three “cup numbers”. At present, the configuration information and price of Huawei mate 40pro have been disclosed in advance, and the market discussion of this machine has also been greatly increased. It is reported that the price of Huawei mate40pro will be set at 5999 yuan, which should be acceptable to most users. After all, Huawei Mate Series flagship uses Huawei’s most cutting-edge technology and latest design every year, and Huawei mate 40pro also has Kirin 9000 chip this year, which should be the last Huawei mobile phone equipped with high-end Kirin chip, which also adds special meaning to the product. Of course, Kirin 9000 chip itself has a very strong strength. Kirin 9000 chip is the first product in the world to be built with 5nm technology. Compared with Kirin 9905g processor, the performance will be improved by 50%, and the performance is expected to break through 700000 mark. Moreover, due to the upgrading of the chip manufacturing process, the power consumption of the mobile phone will also be reduced, and the mobile phone’s endurance may be improved. Kirin 9000 chip will also support lpddr5 storage and ufs3.1 flash access, and the overall data reading speed will be significantly improved compared with P40 series. < p > < p > Huawei mate40pro’s screen is exclusively provided by BOE, with a refresh rate of 90hz. The reason why Huawei does not provide a 120Hz screen for this machine is that the higher refresh rate screen has a more serious problem of high power consumption, and the mobile phone will have the pressure of endurance. On the other hand, most software does not adapt to the setting of 120Hz refresh rate. Even if it is equipped with high swipe screen, it is difficult to show the advantage of high refresh rate. < p > < p > the photo taking meeting is the core selling point of Huawei mate40pro. Considering that the DxOMark score of Huawei p40pro has been surpassed by Xiaomi 10’s supreme commemorative version, Huawei mate40pro is bound to strive to regain face in the photographing function. According to the disclosed data, Huawei mate 40pro will be equipped with a rear four camera lens, including a 50 megapixel main camera and a brand-new 80 million pixel ultra wide angle lens, which is also a customized sensor. < / P > < p > in addition, Huawei mate 40pro is equipped with a telephoto lens that supports five times optical zoom and a TOF lens. Compared with Huawei p40pro, the overall quality of hardware has been significantly improved, and the final photo effect will not disappoint consumers. As for charging technology, Huawei mate 40pro is still equipped with dual 40W fast charging scheme. Although the charging speed is slower than Xiaomi and opmate 40pro, with 4600 MAH battery, for many users, one charge a day is enough. < p > < p > in a word, Huawei mate40pro is not a leading flagship of competitive products, but it has established technical advantages in many aspects. What do you think of the machine? Older posts →