Huawei matebook 14 2020 Ruilong version evaluation: invincible at the same price

Speaking of light and thin books, there must be many geek players like me who refuse. After all, this type of notebook will sacrifice heat dissipation or performance in order to focus on lightweight, which is totally unacceptable to high-end players. However, with the strong rise of AMD in the past two years, suddenly, the word “performance” can also be possessed by the light and thin version. < / P > < p > among them, the most representative is Huawei’s matebook’s Ruilong series. Not long ago, Huawei launched the matebook 14 2020 Ruilong version. At that time, I got this computer for the first time. Then I used this computer for more than half a month. I took this opportunity to have a good chat with you. I had a real experience of this Huawei matebook 14 2020 Ruilong version. < / P > < p > absolutely brilliant 2K touch screen. Before we launch this computer evaluation, let’s go through the detailed configuration of Huawei’s matebook 14 2020 Ruilong version. I have the AMD Ruilong 7 4800h processor, vega7 graphics card, dual channel ddr4-2666 16GB memory and 512gb SSD, 14 inch / 2K / 3:2 / high gamut / touch screen, eye protection mode, multi screen collaboration, fingerprint power key, hidden camera, battery capacity of 56wh. < / P > < p > OK, after the basic configuration, let’s take a look at the appearance of Huawei matebook 14 2020. As a light and thin book, the portability of the matebook 14 2020 sharp dragon edition is quite good. The overall fuselage is a little larger than a piece of A4 paper and the size of a fashion magazine. The thickest part is only 15.9mm. The aluminum alloy metal body is about 1.49kg light, and it is just right to put it in the bag. < / P > < p > there is nothing to say about the a side of notebook. It basically continues the family face of Huawei matebook series. The frosted and painted surface is still very tall with the bright Huawei logo. < / P > < p > after opening the screen, the design of the full screen came into my eyes. My first feeling at that time was that “all eyes are screens”, which was very shocking. The three frames at the top and left and right are very narrow, only 4.9mm. Therefore, 90% of the screen share is achieved, and the bottom is narrowed as far as possible. Although it is still a little wider than the other three frames, it is enough to prove that Huawei’s long-standing technology accumulation is behind the industrial design. < / P > < p > there is nothing to say about the C side, but because of the full screen design, the front lens is hidden in the f area of the keyboard, which can be popped up by pressing lightly. The hidden lens has two advantages. One is that it can solve the problem of beautiful screen, and the other is that it can protect the privacy well, so as to prevent the computer lens from being maliciously called by a third party program and causing privacy leakage. < / P > < p > it is worth noting that only amd stickers are left in the lower right corner of plane C. previously, the multi screen collaborative Huawei share sticker has been cancelled and integrated into the middle touch panel. In the upper right corner is the button for turning on and fingerprint, which is also the mainstream configuration at present. < / P > < p > finally, there is the D side of the notebook, with two long focus pads on the upper and lower sides. The horizontal bar in the middle is the air inlet, and the sound generating units are on both sides. One type C charging interface, one 3.5mm headphone port and one hmdi interface are integrated on the left side of the notebook, while two usb3.2 GEN1 interfaces are on the right side. < / P > < p > the whole appearance continues Huawei’s classic office style, which is simple and capable, and has great texture. The most important point of the whole notebook appearance design is this screen, which is also an important reason why I like this notebook most. < / P > < p > the screen has a 3:2 ratio, a 2K resolution, a high color gamut of 100% sRGB and touch support, with a PPI of 185. Obviously, this screen is designed for office use. Although it looks square, 3:2 displays more content than the traditional 16:9 ratio when browsing the web or inputting text. < p > < p > in terms of screen quality, Huawei matebook 14 Ruilong version can get color gamut coverage of 98% sRGB, 68.7% Adobe RGB, 71.5% P3, and average Δ e = 1.81. From the test data, this notebook screen quality can be said to be quite excellent, especially color accuracy, which is very important for many image editing work. < / P > < p > in addition, the matebook 14 sharp dragon version also supports eye protection mode, and has passed the low blue light eye protection certification of Rhein. And there are independent research and development algorithm, eye care effect is better. Open mode is also very simple, just right-click on the desktop to select the display effect, you can see the eye protection mode. < / P > < p > of course, because this is a touch screen, and the notebook also supports the three finger slide screen capture function. Although there are not many opportunities to use it at ordinary times, it can automatically identify the text in the screenshot and form reproducible text and support translation, which is very useful in many occasions. < p > < p > the standard pressure sharp dragon can not be underestimated. Huawei matebook 14 2020 is equipped with a sharp dragon 7 4800h standard pressure processor. It adopts 7Nm technology, has 8 cores and 16 threads, and is based on zen2 architecture, with a maximum acceleration frequency of 4.2ghz, a three-level cache of 8MB, and a built-in radon graphics graphics graphics card with a frequency of 1600MHZ.

measured CineBech R15 multi-core achievement 1729cb, single core score 187cb, from a single run score is still quite awesome, rolling the same level of lightweight books still have considerable advantages. < p > < p > in terms of hard disk reading and writing, Huawei matebook 14 2020 Ruilong version uses a 512gb pcle nvme solid-state hard disk from western data, the model is sn730, that is, the OEM version of sn750. The data can also see the proper first tier, and the performance is not bad. What about the specific game performance of < / P > < p >? We use the longest game for testing. The default image quality can be maintained at about 100 frames, and it will fluctuate to about 80 frames in group combat or playing skills. If the highest picture quality is turned on, the frame rate will also decrease. < / P > < p > from the test results, the game performance of Huawei matebook 14 2020 sharp dragon has also improved compared with the previous generation, and there is no problem playing mainstream lol or dota2. < p > < p > in conclusion, Huawei matebook 14 2020 Ruilong has the advantages of rolling products of the same level in terms of performance, which is due to Huawei’s bold adoption of Ruilong 7 4800h, a powerful standard compaction processor. This is also the highlight of Huawei matebook 14 update: in the 15.9mm thickness, the lightweight fuselage adopts the standard pressure processor, and realizes the stable release of performance. This will be the performance of the thin book, into a new realm. < p > < p > the software ecology under the new concept of the third generation mobile office is very obvious. The target group of Huawei matebook 14 2020 Ruilong version is the office crowd. Therefore, Huawei’s iconic multi screen collaboration has been retained. Only this time, the label on the C side is missing, instead, it is moved to the middle touch panel area. < / P > < p > if you happen to be using a Huawei mobile phone, the multi screen collaboration function will make you unable to go back. For a simple example, what would you do if you needed photos from your phone when doing ppt. I believe that the vast majority of people will use wechat or QQ through the network to transfer to the file folder. < / P > < p > but with multi screen collaboration, you just need to touch the touch panel with your mobile phone, and the screen of the mobile phone will be projected into the computer. The computer can directly transfer the files or photos in the mobile phone to the computer by dragging and dropping. You can also use the mouse or the touch screen on the computer to drag and drop it. < / P > < p > in addition, in Huawei’s ecology, notebooks and mobile phones also share a clipboard, which is similar to the “relay” function in Apple devices. If you copy a paragraph on your mobile phone, you can paste it on your notebook. Don’t underestimate this function. It’s very friendly for many content creators. In addition, multi screen collaboration also supports the functions of receiving and making mobile phone calls with computers, and directly modifying and editing files in mobile phones with computers, which can greatly provide users with office efficiency and lead the trend of multi terminal collaborative office. < / P > < p > in fact, “multi screen collaboration” only represents the near end collaboration part of Huawei’s “3G mobile office” new concept software ecology. In terms of remote collaboration, matebook realizes data sharing across devices and across time and space with mobile phones, tablets and other terminal devices through Huawei cloud space, so as to realize remote collaboration. This intelligent collaboration represents the new ecological integration experience of Huawei’s third generation mobile office. < / P > < p > as a portable and light-weight book, I am quite satisfied with Huawei matebook 14 2020 sharp dragon version, especially its excellent screen, powerful performance, multi screen collaboration, and excellent workmanship. It is not like a product at this price, but more like a high-end notebook at the main flag ship level. < / P > < p > therefore, I think Huawei matebook 14 2020 Ruilong version is very suitable for college students who are about to start school or those who have entered the workplace. I believe it is difficult to find such excellent notebook computers as Huawei matebook 14 2020 at this price. < / P > < p > in addition, on August 19, together with Huawei matebook 14 2020 Ruilong version, there is also a Huawei style backpack priced at 699 yuan. This simple style, exquisite material, exclusive computer warehouse and other design is also very good backpack, on August 24, Huawei mall on the day it was sold out, the praise rate up to now as high as 100%, in fact, it is particularly suitable for fashion conscious boys and girls to buy with marebook 14. < / P > < p > it is understood that the much anticipated “Indigo” color matching is on sale in Huawei’s mall. Students interested in Huawei’s matebook 14 2020 sharp dragon edition may as well take a look at this light luxury style backpack. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer