Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong version wins the first battle: Sales of more than 100 million, winning 6 titles

Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong version was sold for the first time on August 6. On that day, it was warmly welcomed by consumers, and its Omni channel sales exceeded 100 million! < p > < p > in addition, the matebook D2020 sharp dragon version has made remarkable achievements in the three e-commerce platforms, with a total of 6 Championships: Jingdong platform won the double champion of notebook sales / sales; tmall platform won the double champion of notebook sales / sales; Suning e-buy platform won the double champion of 14 inch notebook sales volume / sales. As a comprehensive, balanced and lightweight Book tailored for young people, what is the secret of Huawei matebook D 2020 sharp dragon becoming a “blockbuster” in the market? < / P > < p > can win the multi platform sales crown, Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong version product strength is beyond doubt. From the perspective of all-round design, Huawei inherited the design of matebook. Super high proportion of the screen for consumers to bring more immersive visual enjoyment. At the same time, 1080p and German Rhine low blue light, no stroboscopic double eye protection certification display screen has more delicate, healthy display effect, which is particularly important for young people who use computers for a long time. < p > < p > in terms of performance, Huawei matebook D 2020 sharp dragon version is equipped with the latest 7Nm process amd Ruilong 4000 series zen2 architecture, and equipped with a radon graphics graphics card, the performance is re evolved. Whether it’s image processing, video editing or regular game scenes, Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong version can easily cope with it. In addition, there are two performance modes to choose from, including surround stereo, which also add a lot of points to Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong’s video and audio entertainment performance. < / P > < p > the reason why the notebook industry develops slowly is because of the objective impact of the mobile Internet, but another important reason is the market convergence. Therefore, innovation has become a breakthrough point for major computer manufacturers. Huawei matebook D 2020 sharp dragon edition has done a particularly good job in this respect. < p > < p > Huawei’s exclusive multi screen collaborative experience is the key point. In the multi screen collaborative state, we can project the mobile phone screen to the computer, and one screen can be used to control the mobile phone. In addition, we can also use PC to make phone calls directly, edit files in mobile phone with PC, and integrate mobile phone and computer into a “super terminal”. We can not only use the professional computing power of PC, but also experience the mobile ecology of mobile phone. < p > < p > in other aspects, Huawei matebook D 2020 has many new experiences. For example, the lightweight design of the power adapter, which weighs only 160g, can not only charge the computer quickly, but also realize the charging of electronic products with no power, especially for the super expansion of some Huawei mobile phones, which changes the embarrassing situation that the traditional notebook power is as heavy as the computer; the functions of hidden camera and fingerprint unlocking power key are also Huawei mat EBook D 2020 Ruilong version experience upgrade uses brick and tile. < p > < p > for a long time, Huawei is famous for its strict product quality standards, and Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong edition is no exception. Shark fin silent fan used by Huawei matebook family. It is Huawei that has invested a lot of engineers to test and design the radian and distance of the fan blades, polish the products bit by bit, and finally control the abnormal sound highlight ratio below 5dB, making the silent fan worthy of its name. < p > < p > in terms of durability, Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong version is also far higher than the industry standard. In addition to the conventional durability tests, such as the number of regular interface plug-in times exceeded 10000 times, the keyboard durability of 5 million times, the screen opening and closing competition was 25000 times, and the touch panel motor durability was 1 million times The 2020 Ruilong version also realizes 960 hours of high temperature and high humidity test, which is far beyond the industry standard of dozens of hours, bringing longer service life and product stability. < p > < p > Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong version has been sold successfully for the first time, becoming a new popular model in the market. It has to be said that Huawei matebook family has become the club of popular products, including 14 inch “King” matebook 14 and 13 inch “network red” matebook 13, as well as the new matebook D 2020 sharp dragon edition. They constitute the “warlord” combination of Huawei notebook in different market segments. If you are worried about purchasing a notebook, you might as well consider Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong version, which is still in hot sale, starting from 4099 yuan, you can pay attention to purchase. Science Discovery