Huawei matebook x first test: can “detonate” the third mobile office revolution?

[pconline stand-alone evaluation] in recent days, the news that Toshiba officially withdrew from PC business is very sad. From 1985, Toshiba launched the world’s first notebook computer, to the 1990s and the beginning of the 21st century, Toshiba has occupied a very considerable share of the global PC. However, with more and more manufacturers pouring into this market and Toshiba computer’s unique functions are becoming less and less, Toshiba’s market share has gradually declined… < / P > < p > nowadays, no matter how the PC industry slows down in terms of shipping volume, how to promote the prosperity of the industry and introduce more subversive products has become the focus of all manufacturers. Among these manufacturers, Huawei notebook has made a representative achievement. As a newcomer in the PC field for four or five years, Huawei has combined its strong R & D capability and user experience accumulation in mobile phones to upgrade the user experience on PC to a new level. < / P > < p > if the T1000 PC represented by Toshiba is the beginning of mobile office, today’s lightweight and multi-form notebook is the second generation of mobile office products, while Huawei matebook series represents the future trend of intelligent PC, namely the third generation mobile office products. Its products are no longer limited to the improvement of individual parameters, but on the premise of “leading the trend”, they pay more attention to “intelligence”, “full scene” and “cloud experience”, such as its seamless multi screen collaborative connection, real-time sharing of cloud space and other innovative functions. < / P > < p > recently, we got Huawei matebook x new notebook. This product can be said to be the epitome of Huawei notebook. Here, I’d like to talk about why Huawei notebook has become the “top student” of the third generation mobile office. It can be said that notebook is the most intimate partner in our work and life besides mobile phones. It is also because of this, notebook from the original “big man” into now can easily carry with one hand. The thickest part of Huawei mate Book x is only 13.6 mm, and the weight is as light as 1 kg. Compared with the current light version which is mostly concentrated in 1.3-1.6kg, matebook x belongs to the outstanding existence. Ultra lightweight body, can bring the ultimate portable experience. Walking around the streets with your laptop on your back, you don’t feel stressed. < / P > < p > walk to the corner cafe and stop for a rest and pull out the magazine like light matebook from your backpack 10. One hand takes the coffee from the waiter, the other hand gently opens the notebook, unlocks it into the desktop through fingerprint identification, and imports the photos taken along the way into the notebook through multi screen function… The lightweight design makes it easier for you to use the notebook. < / P > < p > starting from the box, we can clearly feel that it is smaller and more exquisite than other products. When you get this laptop, it’s 13 inch, but it’s not the size of A4 paper. It is understood that in order to make the notebook light and thin, Huawei matebook x uses highly customized components for precise layout, which squeezes the internal space of the notebook as much as possible. < / P > < p > of course, the material of the whole machine is also the key factor affecting the lightness. Huawei matebook x adopts high-end lightweight magnesium aluminum alloy, which has light weight, good strength, rigidity and dimensional stability, as well as excellent electromagnetic shielding and thermal conductivity, which can protect the computer to work normally and stably for a long time. < / P > < p > from the product design itself, we can find the manufacturer’s attitude towards the product. If you use the male model, or the old bottle of new wine, you should pay more attention to the choice. From the perspective of use, a product that conforms to the identity can always bring a blessing on the identity of people, and it is easier to be recognized. For example, in the coffee shop, it is easy to be scorned by people when they use the code word of game book… < / P > < p > Huawei matebook x locates high-end fashion crowd, so it pays more attention to the fashion sense of design while pursuing portability and efficiency. Like other members of Huawei matebook family, the whole machine adopts simple and fashionable design language. Metal integrated body, after CNC die casting process, high-end and texture, is a very dazzling business card for users. < / P > < p > compared with traditional business, Huawei has a deep understanding of users’ requirements for product appearance. Huawai matebook x looks for inspiration from the popular flash powder elements in the fashion industry, and integrates the glitter powder into CMF to make the color lively and present a brilliant color under the ambient light. There are many kinds of color matching options for Huawei mate Book X: frost silver, interstellar blue, indigo and cherry blossom powder. The product we got this time is “Cherry language powder”. < / P > < p > the official said that the inspiration came from cherry blossom, a gift to fashion women. Huawei matebook X has gone through hundreds of times of pink grinding, and finally refined a new cherry language powder. When they got the prototype, many female colleagues came to watch and exclaimed “love, love”. < / P > < p > in addition to the look and feel, the Huawei matebook x feels great. After thousands of color blending and at least 5 layers of spraying, it feels very silky. Compared with the roughness of many laptops, I really want to feel Huawei matebook x all day. < / P > < p > in recent years, PC products are only updated and iterated on hardware, which has made the industry development “criticized” and even regarded as a sunset industry;. As a new entrant, Huawei has a more obvious late mover advantage than traditional PC manufacturers. On the basis of maintaining the original development of notebook, Huawei has learned from the success factors of mobile phone and opened up a new road. Through the innovation of software level, users can get the effect which is difficult to achieve through hardware in the past. For example, the innovative functions on Huawei matebook X: multi screen collaboration, Huawei computer manager and Huawei cloud space. < / P > < p > in the past, we used to “look up at the computer and brush the mobile phone” with our head down. Time often slips away from our hands. Sometimes file transfer between laptop and mobile phone is more troublesome, often need to use third-party tools to achieve, and the size of the file will be limited. < / P > < p > after Huawei launched the “multi screen collaboration” function, users no longer need to switch between two device screens repeatedly, they just need to focus on one screen. The files and pictures on the mobile phone computer can be transferred to each other without network environment. The professional ability of PC can handle not only the professional tasks of PC, but also the tasks of mobile phone. By opening android app of mobile phone, task processing is more focused and efficient. The design of this kind of equipment is connected with each other, so that the PC industry “meets the rain after a long drought”. < p > < p > on the computer side, wechat prompts: pick up the mobile phone, unlock the mobile phone, open the wechat, find the group, click to grab the red packet, and the red packet is gone… < / P > < p > with the help of Huawei’s multi screen collaborative function, users can grab Huawei’s mobile phone on Huawei matebook X through their PC. The process is as follows: the UI of the mobile phone is displayed on the computer to remind the user to receive the control pressure touch panel < / P > < p > for example, in daily office, many people often set the mobile phone to the silent state. But you need to pick up your mobile phone from time to time to see if there are important messages, so as to avoid missing important information and affecting work efficiency. After multi screen collaboration is enabled, you only need to look at the computer. Even if the mobile phone is in the bag, you don’t need to check it. < / P > < p > when there is information, the PC terminal will directly display the mobile phone call prompt, SMS and other notification information, without omission of important notice messages. At the same time, it can also reply to the information simply and efficiently through the PC keyboard, mouse and input method on the PC side, without the need for mobile PC to switch back and forth. < / P > < p > for users who don’t know much about computers, it is very important to install a native computer manager in the notebook. Compared with the third-party housekeeper installed by yourself, it can not only guarantee the security, but also “package” and download a lot of useless software. Compared with the charge manager built into many PCs, the computer housekeeper with complete functions and purity in Huawei matebook x is particularly valuable. Its own system detection, drive management, power management and other functions can protect the computer security in an all-round way. < / P > < p > for example, one key hotspot function. Users only need to log in to Huawei account for pairing when they first use Huawei matebook x to connect with Huawei mobile phones. After the pairing is successful, click one button to access the Internet, and the notebook can access the Internet through the hot spots of the mobile phone. Huawei computer housekeeper not only saves users tedious settings and greatly improves work efficiency, but also has its own traffic reminder function, which is full of care for details. < / P > < p > in addition, intelligent photo album management, one touch screen recording, quick screenshots, shared clipboard, recent documents and other functions are also very meaningful for users. < / P > < p > in this era of data explosion, everyone will have a large number of videos, pictures, documents and other materials to store. Mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other records and save people’s life, social relations, documents, become the personal information database around. However, due to the data is too large, our transmission and storage methods are limited, as well as terminal damage and loss, there are often a lot of personal data can not be found. Therefore, it has become a trend to upload the content on all terminals to the cloud through one account. < p > < p > matebook x is equipped with Huawei cloud space PC client to realize the combination of cloud space and PC, and bring Huawei equipment multi terminal collaborative whole scene experience. < p > < p > through Huawei cloud space, users can easily browse and manage the cloud data of mobile phones and tablets on their PCs, such as gallery photos and videos, contacts, memos, recordings, etc. the data can flow freely among PCs, mobile phones, tablets and the cloud, truly saying goodbye to “file transmission” between devices. Just turn on your PC, mobile or tablet cloud space, and everything you want is there. < / P > < p > for example, it can synchronize “desktop” and “document”. After we turn on “desktop” and “document” synchronization, the contents in the folder will be automatically synchronized to the cloud. Even if the computer is not around, you can browse, manage and use files from the computer anytime and anywhere on your mobile phone or tablet. The < / P > < p > screen as an important display output window, the importance of natural self-evident. A good screen quality screen, whether in life or work are of great benefit to users. < / P > < p > in the work, a design colleague sent a poster that was completed and was about to be launched. On your laptop / desktop display screen, the color of the poster is not bright enough, and the color matching is not the way previously communicated. When you failed to communicate online, you rushed to the design room and found that it was your own problem… In the face of the needs of high-end business people, Huawei worked hard on the laptop screen. < / P > < p > this year, 2K screens have become popular in the high-end and thin market. Huawei matebook X has been equipped with a 3:2 gold ratio of 3K screens, and has 100% sRGB color gamut, 91% of the screens, and supports the high-definition screen of 10 touch LTPS. Whether playing high-definition pictures or Blu ray video, the pictures are vivid and vivid, and the details are vivid. < / P > < p > the extremely high proportion of the screen makes it smaller in the same display area; 3K high-definition display makes the image more realistic; 3:2 screen design makes content creation and daily office have better experience; 10 touch screen, 3-point touch screen, 3-point touch screen and 3-point touch screen make the image more realistic