Huawei matebook x hands on experience: This is the new generation of office artifact

Huawei’s high-end notebook matebook X series has been updated to the third generation. The first generation of matebook x Pro brings 3K screen resolution, ultra narrow border on four sides and 3:2 touch screen into the vision of consumers, which also establishes the image of Huawei’s high-end notebook. In the second generation of matebook x pro, we see a new design of cooling module, which makes this notebook can bring better experience. What progress can we see in this new matebook x pro? Don’t worry. Let’s introduce this Huawei matebook X. < / P > < p > this Huawei matebook x is roughly the same as Huawei matebook X in modeling There is no big difference in Pro. There is only a simple “Huawei” logo on the a side, and there is no redundant design. The surface material is high-end lightweight magnesium aluminum alloy, and the surface is covered with at least five layers of spray paint. It can not only greatly reduce the weight of the whole notebook, but also its texture is incomparable with ordinary notebook. < / P > < p > side B continues the four narrow edge design, the edge transition is very smooth, and this notebook also introduces the metal frameless metal floating full screen design, so that the whole B side is like a complete screen. It’s worth noting that I don’t see the shadow of the front camera on the B side. Does it mean that this laptop has no front camera? Don’t worry. Let’s look down. < / P > < p > let’s continue to talk about the appearance part. The keyboard part of the C side adopts a new full-size keyboard, and greatly optimizes the keyboard key range and key cap size. With appropriate key range and press pressure, the knock experience is very crisp and pleasant. < / P > < p > it should be noted that there is a press able button between F6 and F7, and a camera will pop up when you press it lightly, which is also the “disappeared” front camera mentioned above. It not only ensures the integrity of the screen, but also retains this function, which is a very fantastic design. However, due to this location, many fans jokingly call this camera “nostril camera”. < / P > < p > the power on key is placed in the upper right corner of the keyboard, and the power on key also integrates fingerprint identification module. Users can input fingerprints to ensure their computer privacy. Of course, they can skip the password input interface directly through this power key to enter the computer desktop, which is more efficient and practical. In the actual test, the power button integrated with fingerprint identification module has the same unlocking speed as the mobile phone, which can be said to achieve the experience of pressing seconds to open. < / P > < p > it is worth noting that this touchpad has also adopted a new design. For some users who often carry a light laptop out of the home, they seldom go to the touch pad just like using an external mouse. Basically, the office is completed by keyboard and touch panel, so the experience of touch panel directly determines the actual office experience of users. In actual use, I can clearly feel that this touchpad not only has a very smooth sliding feeling, but also can feel like using a mouse when I press it. < / P > < p > turn to the D side of the fuselage, which is quite different from the design of ordinary notebook. A large number of cooling holes will be placed at the bottom of most laptops. Although they are not beautiful enough, they must be made. Huawei matebook x, for the sake of the integration and beauty of the fuselage, places the cooling holes in the screen shaft part of the fuselage. The two symmetrical openings on the left and right sides are the cooling outlets of the notebook. Considering that this notebook is a main product for business office, this cooling system can fully meet the daily use of users. < / P > < p > in addition, the biggest difference between this notebook and previous generations is the addition of “Indigo”. Personally, I have never seen a notebook with this color as the main color. However, considering Huawei’s excellent color matching of mobile phones, sky view of P30 series and indigo of mate 30 series are highly praised by consumers. The reason why this kind of blue-green color matching has not been done by manufacturers is that this color matching requires high requirements for notebook shell materials, which requires additional processing, thus increasing the cost. Second, they are worried that this novel color matching may not be accepted by consumers. In terms of interface, there are 3.5mm stereo headphone interface and two full-function usb-c interfaces on the left, which can also charge the mobile phone through these two interfaces in case of emergency. It can provide wired charging for Huawei P40 pro. < / P > < p > by the way, whether the Wi Fi speed is fast is also a point that notebook users attach great importance to. Whether the network speed is fast or not depends not only on the local broadband network speed, but also on the Wi Fi protocol supported by the notebook itself. This matebook x supports the latest Wi Fi 6 protocol. Compared with Wi Fi 5 protocol supported by traditional notebook, the matebook X has faster network speed, more stable connection and stronger anti-interference ability. < / P > < p > as a light and thin business book, the weight is naturally a point that users value more. According to the data given on the official website, the weight of this notebook is only 1kg. With this exquisite body, even if you hold it on your hand, it will not feel too oppressive. Huawei matebook x gives me the overall feeling that the degree of integration is very high. There is a downward extending round corner design around the a side, which makes the cover look closer after closing. The thickness of the thickest part is only 13.6 mm, which makes the notebook not look like a notebook at all when viewed from a distance, but more like a delicate handicraft. < / P > < p > talking about matebook Perhaps the biggest feature of X is that this screen accounts for a high proportion of screens, and the quality of the screen is strong. In Huawei matebook, the 13 inch floating full screen with no metal frame is adopted. Thanks to its 3:2 screen design and up to 90% of the screen proportion, it can display about 8% more area under the same size. The fuselage is smaller, but the screen becomes larger. Maybe this is what many users don’t want One thing I dare to think about. < / P > < p > of course, Huawei has spent so much effort to insert a screen. If this is just an ordinary screen, it would be too unreasonable. In terms of display effect, the resolution of this screen is 3000 * 2000, PPI is 278, which is commonly known as 3K screen. In addition, it has 100% sRGB wide color gamut display, 1500:1 contrast and 400 nit brightness, which can meet the needs of graphic design and other artistic creation. < / P > < p > in actual use, I also found that this screen supports finger touch. Although the touch optimization of windows for notebook is not particularly in place, Huawei has optimized the touch of this laptop in the mobile phone style, and users can operate the computer in the way of operating the mobile phone. One of the most practical functions is the three finger screenshot. You can activate the screen capture function by sliding three fingers from top to bottom on the screen. Users can also capture pictures of different sizes according to their own needs. This experience is really like using a mobile phone. < / P > < p > although this is only a light and thin version focusing on mobile office, it does not shrink in terms of performance. What I got is the i5 version, which is equipped with i5-10210u processor. It is a 14nm 4-core 8-thread processor with a TDP of 15W, which is enough to meet the office needs of most users. Read the data with CPU-Z, and the information is shown as follows: < / P > < p > to say, the most impressive feature of Huawei notebook is the multi screen collaboration function. I believe that it is not only me, but also the envy of many non Huawei notebook users. This function is first adopted on matebook 13. It is a technology that can quickly and seamlessly transfer between Huawei notebook and Huawei mobile phone, which can effectively improve the work efficiency of users. The specific operation steps are as follows: 1. Turn on the Wi Fi, Bluetooth and NFC functions of Huawei mobile phone; 2. Open the photos or videos that you want to transfer to the computer; 3. Place the Huawei mobile phone on the touch panel of matebook X; 4. Complete the transmission. According to the official data, the transmission speed can reach 22mb / s, which means that ordinary pictures and videos can be transmitted in one second. How fast is it? A moving picture will tell you. < / P > < p > after several generations of improvement and optimization, today’s multi screen collaboration function can not only transmit photos, videos and other files, but also share word documents, PPT and excel forms that office workers often use with one key to mobile phones / computers. Users can open and edit the documents in the mobile phone directly by using the application in the PC. after editing, the original path stored in the mobile phone by default. In addition, the function can also use PC player to open the video in the phone; or use PC Photoshop to open and edit pictures of the phone. < / P > < p > in addition to ordinary file transmission, the multi screen collaboration function can also directly complete a series of operations such as video call and Conference on the mobile phone through the front camera of Huawei matebook X. There is no need to use mobile phones to answer. At present, this function supports wechat, QQ, Tencent conference, enterprise wechat and other major platforms, covering a wide range. And it can also receive new messages received on the mobile phone, so as to avoid users from missing some important information from the mobile phone. < p > < p > since the matebook x uses a touch screen, it also means that users can operate the phone on the computer screen. Of course, you can also operate it through the touch pad or mouse. Some users may wonder, why do I have to operate my mobile phone on the computer? For example, if you are too lazy to open wechat on the computer, but you dislike that the typing on your mobile phone is too slow. With the help of “multi screen collaboration”, you can open wechat on the mobile phone on the computer and input text with the keyboard of your notebook. < / P > < p > there is another point that many users fail to notice, that is, you can directly open the Huawei computer manager to query the record when you forget which file and photo you just transferred. Recent documents will tell you all the history. The cutting board in the notice can record the cut / copy text of PC and mobile phone, and you can even complete the operation of cutting and pasting on the PC. < p > < p > Huawei has equipped this matebook x with a 65W pocket charger, which can support up to 65W output. It is also compatible with 20V / 3.25a max, 20V / 2a, 15V / 2.66a, 12V / 3a, 9V / 2a, 5V / 2a and other charging output powers. It can support most notebooks and mobile phones on the market. Of course, it can also be used for some Huawei mobile phones that support super fast charging. There is no need to carry additional charging heads of other devices when traveling on business. One 65W charging head can be completed. < p > < p > in terms of battery capacity, Huawei matebook has inserted a 42wh battery into such a thin fuselage. With Bluetooth disconnected, speaker volume at 40%, performance adjusted to balanced mode, and Wi Fi only connected, the power consumption dropped by 17% after playing two hours of 4K movies, 9% after using office software for one hour, and 13% after browsing the microblog for one hour. From the four hours of endurance test, we can see that the matebook x can at least be used for 9-10 hours without power supply. It is a light and thin book, and it is not easy to achieve such a long-term performance.

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