Huawei matebook X: top of thin notebook, screen is the biggest highlight

Recently, Huawei’s matebook x, which is extremely light and thin, has become the most eye-catching presence in the new office notebook. The first sales volume of the after-sales service is also amazing. It can be said that it has ordered the popular notebook models of this year. < p > < p > Huawei matebook x, with its powerful technology, keeps the weight of the fuselage at 1kg, and the thickest part is only 13.6mm. It’s the pinnacle of lightweight notebook. It’s not too convenient for friends who often travel on business! < p > < p > Huawei matebook X’s screen is 13 inches, and the screen quality reaches the top level in the industry. It adopts the industry’s top suspended screen design, no metal frame design, the screen proportion reaches 90%, and supports 3000 * 2000 3K ultra-high resolution, PPI reaches 278, RGB gamut reaches 100%, and contrast ratio is 1500:1, which can better present the image and bring clearer and perfect visual effect. < p > < p > Huawei matebook x also supports ten touch operation, three finger slide screen capture function, OCR character recognition function and Huawei share function. It can connect the mobile phone and computer through Bluetooth and NFC, making it easier for the computer to process mobile phone files. < / P > < p > the start of school season is around the corner. If you want to prepare to use a notebook, you can consider Huawei matebook X. at present, the price of i5 version is 7999 yuan, and that of i7 version is 9999 yuan. What do you think of this price? Welcome to leave a message for discussion! Privacy Policy