Huawei matepad 10.8 with Kirin 990 upgrade

Last year, Huawei released the tablet M6, which can be said to be a turning point in the history of Android Tablet. With the introduction of such popular products as the M6, in Q3 of 2019, Huawei’s Tablet PC shipment volume reversed for the first time and got the first market share, which is obviously inseparable from the contribution of M6.

now, the upgraded version of matepad 10.8 of the M6 series is on the stage again. It not only changes the name, but also upgrades the overall configuration. Especially the adoption of Kirin 990 chip and the upgrade of stylus, the performance and experience of this tablet have been significantly improved, which will undoubtedly become a popular product in the tablet market.

Huawei released matepad 10.4 in April and Huawei matepad 10.8 now. Many people may ask that the difference is 0.4 inch. What is the difference between the two tablets? In fact, Huawei matepad 10.8 is the upgraded version of Huawei’s flat panel M6 series, and the function upgrading from m to mate is a significant performance.

Li Bin, vice president of Greater China region of Huawei’s consumer business and director of integration business department, said at the press conference on July 30 that the original intention of M is media, and the killer of M series is to focus on video and audio effects. For example, 2560 * 1600 resolution 280ppi HD screen supporting sharp screen technology and four large amplitude loudspeakers have become hot spots for consumers, and the experience is very satisfactory 。

However, after the launch of matepad, the majority of consumers also proposed that they would like to be able to provide various business learning functions of matepad as standard, so m series was upgraded to Huawei matepad 10.8 series.

Li Bin said that Huawei matepad 10.8 not only upgraded its performance, video and entertainment, but also combined it with mobile phones, PCs, smart screens and other products to form a super terminal. Through intelligent features such as multi screen collaboration, intelligent split screen and parallel vision, Huawei matepad 10.8 has become the smart partner of consumers in learning and office work, enabling the tablet to achieve the same light office experience as a notebook.

I think this kind of consideration is very considerate, because in this year, tablet computers have begun to have a different significance. Before, we were mainly used for video entertainment, but now it has become an important distance learning tool for students.

this also means higher functional requirements for tablet computers. Huawei’s exploration in matepad is far ahead of similar products. The key to improving learning efficiency is the collaboration with mobile phones, laptops and other devices, the perfect support of stylus, and the three intelligent features of multi screen collaboration, intelligent split screen and parallel vision. Therefore, the upgrade of this name also means Huawei’s new thinking and decision-making on tablet computers. In this regard, Li Bin said that the upgraded Huawei matepad 10.8 will be “one mate linked” with mate mobile phones and matebook notebooks.

for consumers, a larger screen, better configuration and lower price are obviously the best choice. Huawei’s mate pad 10.8 addition without price increase is more recognized by consumers. Among the 2000 yuan tablet computers, Huawei matepad 10.8 is almost invincible. In terms of light office and equipment coordination, Huawei has gone far beyond its peers.

tablet computer is the middle form of mobile phone and notebook. Its value lies in better experience than mobile phone and lighter than notebook. This is the core of Huawei’s Tablet PC’s ability to rise against the trend and maintain rapid growth in recent years.

on the one hand, Huawei is not stingy in terms of hardware. For example, the 2K display screen supporting sharp screen technology and the redesigned large amplitude Harman Caton tuning sound with an increase of 60% vibration range are both hard designs to improve the audio-visual experience. In terms of the core, Huawei matepad 10.8 adopts the latest 7Nm Kirin 990 chip, which is also Huawei’s first tablet computer to support Wi Fi 6 +.

kylin 990 is also known to all. It can be said that it is a legendary product of Hisilicon, no matter multi task processing or large-scale games. As a unique technology of Huawei, Wi Fi 6 + fast network also makes the tablet experience more powerful with high-speed transmission, strong signal, wide coverage and high penetration, making video viewing and file transmission more smooth.

in terms of peripherals, Huawei’s carefully polished Huawei m-pencil pen has a 4096 pressure feeling, which makes it easy to take notes or doodle. The most intimate part of Huawei is software optimization and support. Huawei has specially upgraded Huawei’s memorandum to support off screen shorthand, recording creative inspiration anytime and anywhere. At the same time, there are also recording software cloud notes and noteself, which bring better writing and recording experience.

another necessary office peripheral is the magnetic keyboard. This magnetic keyboard has no better input experience than a notebook, which may be impossible for many portable keyboards. At the same time, Huawei has released a special WPS customized version. Both the keyboard and the stylus are well supported, and a better user experience is achieved with the combination of software and hardware. From these details, we can really see the key to Huawei’s tablet success.

compared with these function experiences, the biggest killer of Huawei’s tablet is the three unique intelligent functions. It can be said that people who have used it can’t really go back. These three smart functions are multi screen collaboration, intelligent split screen and parallel vision.

multi screen collaboration means that a mobile phone touches a tablet, and the screen can be displayed on a tablet computer. In this way, when using a tablet computer, you don’t have to worry about whether you have missed any news on your mobile phone. It can also realize the drag and drop of content between the mobile phone and the tablet. It is very practical for daily light office, and it is also supported and deeply consumed by Huawei notebook and tablet computers A trump feature welcomed by the.

smart split screen is to make full use of the characteristics of large flat screen, so that two apps can run on one screen at the same time. Don’t underestimate this function. For example, when you look at an email on the left, you can open the scheme on the right to make corresponding adjustments. When you look at the stock on the left, you can search its fundamentals and all kinds of information on the right. When watching the video teaching on the left, you can open the note taking on the right side to double the efficiency of study and office work.

parallel view is also an innovative function under the horizontal screen ecology, but this function is embodied in an app, which splits the home page and content page of an app from left to right. For example, when watching news, the list on the left and the content on the right, so it is very convenient to watch the news. You don’t have to go back and click it in order. I think the most powerful experience of this function is in e-commerce shopping. It can open two product details pages at the same time. It’s very convenient to compare prices. I don’t know how cool it is.

the three smart functions are more important competitiveness than hardware configuration. Whether it’s office or study, the focus is on efficiency improvement and productivity. Huawei’s matepad 10.8 can double the efficiency and thus make it more competitive than other tablets. Of course, Huawei matepad 10.8 also has obvious advantages in hardware configuration. It has no competitors in the Android camp and can compete with iPad.

the industry once thought that the iPad was an almost insurmountable mountain. In fact, Samsung, Lenovo, Xiaomi and other companies gradually gave up their investment in tablet computers. Huawei’s tablet has come from behind, which has really challenged the dominance of iPad, which is obviously the most worthy reference and learning place for the industry. The most important point of this kind of transcendence is to have a deep insight into the needs of consumers, and the key is to make up for the natural deficiency of Android system.

for example, why are the three smart functions not available in other products? Because these are features that need in-depth development, Android’s support for large screen is relatively weak, which requires manufacturers to carry out in-depth optimization and transformation of Android to achieve such functions. This is obviously a matter that requires huge investment and R & D strength, and many hardware manufacturers will retreat in the face of difficulties. It’s easy to make a keyboard and pen, but it’s hard to do smart functions. Huawei’s tablet has invested a lot in this and provided a lot of innovative solutions.

another very important reason is the layout of Huawei’s full scene strategy. Li Bin said at the press conference that as an important entry point of the “1 + 8 + n” full scenario strategy, Huawei matepad 10.8 it forms multi screen linkage, synergy and complementarity with smart phones and other products, and forms a super terminal with PC, smart screen, wearable devices and other products to provide consumers with full scene integration experience.

for enterprises, it seems to be a big strategy, but for consumers, it is a full scene wisdom experience. We all know that the advantage of Apple’s products lies in the three piece set of notebook, tablet computer and mobile phone. Huawei has gradually realized the linkage of n-piece sets. When your mobile phone, tablet, notebook, watch, TV and even car can interact with each other, you will find that it is the arrival of the real wisdom era. Huawei’s advantages in software, hardware and even communication technology are the key to becoming a leader of the times.

last year, I also said that Huawei’s “three piece suite” was not far away from its success. This year, it has become an n-piece set, and Huawei’s development speed has exceeded my imagination. In addition to the excellent product experience, there is also a very important reason for this development. Now we have entered a new era of wisdom. Our life is facing the upgrading of wisdom. Huawei is the leader of this round of wisdom tide.

on August 13, Huawei matepad 10.8 will be on sale. Students who are about to start school and those who are new to the workplace must not miss it. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865

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