Huawei matepad Pro evaluation: performance is beast, redefine tablet

Huawei has launched its latest tablet, the matepad pro. The launch of matepad Pro also improves the range of its daily use product ecosystem. The tablet is much cheaper than most of its current competitors, but does it perform the same way? Now let’s take you to know about it.

at a glance, the appearance of matepad Pro can be said to be a masterpiece of careful design. It’s very different from the matte pro’s shell, which makes the inside of the tablet’s antenna very seamless. The slightly curved edge not only adds the final touch to the appearance, but also provides the user with comfortable friction. Besides the simplicity of design, Huawei pays attention to the simplicity of its design team. The matepad Pro is both ergonomic and lightweight, and its fuselage is made of only commonly used magnesium alloys, which are lighter than aluminum but stronger. In addition to the glass surface treatment on the shell, choosing to use glass fiber surface treatment on the shell can not only keep light but also make the design have excellent texture.

according to Huawei, the 4.9mm thickness on the matepad Pro is the thinnest screen in the world on a tablet. The 10.8-inch display is also the world’s largest tablet screen, accounting for 90%.

the matepad Pro has a 2560 x 1600 QHD and 540 nits wide screen, and the display on the display screen is very suitable for visual entertainment. The images are vivid and vivid, and the colors do their best. Dci-p3 film gamut classification can also ensure that color accuracy is always maintained.

initially, the editor doubted the position of the drilling lens on the screen because it might hinder watching video on the full screen, but it turned out to be wrong. When watching the video in full screen, the 8mp drilling lens on the screen will always be covered by black bars. This shows that the team behind the design of the product pays close attention to every detail throughout the design phase.

equipped with the latest Kirin 990 chipset, 8GB ram and 7250mah battery, the matepad Pro is a beast in terms of performance. As one of the industry’s top products, Kirin 990 is a flagship chipset designed to provide incredible performance and energy efficiency. In addition to these specifications, the matepad Pro 5g variant is the world’s first 5g tablet to run on the world’s first 5g chipset, the Kirin 990 5g!

for gamers, the GPU under the chipset is the famous arm mali-g76 MP16, so you don’t have to worry about the game performance of this tablet.

7250mah battery is the favorite part of matepad Pro editor. Xiaobian used a tablet computer to watch the film for a long time. Xiaobian was surprised. Matepad Pro can easily play for more than 12 hours with a single charge.

the temperature of the computer is maintained at a stable 37 ° C throughout the process. In this way, the editor can confirm the performance requirements of Huawei in advanced cooling system. According to Huawei, these 12 layers of cooling components are managed by the system AI for heat management; they keep the tablet cool even with high performance requirements.

in line with current flagship standards, the matepad Pro is equipped with high amplitude four channel stereo speakers tuned by Harman Kardon. These speakers are paired on the top and bottom of the computer to provide a four channel experience. According to Huawei, 4.0 surround sound is also possible thanks to breakthroughs and innovations in Android audio system reconstruction and multi-channel signal chipset processing.

after playing video for a long time on matepad pro, Xiaobian found that the audio quality has been greatly improved compared with the previous products. From the clarity of the sound to the richness of the sound, even if the volume is set to the highest level, the speakers perform very well. With the headphones plugged in, Huawei histen further improves the quality. The built-in microphone is also excellent.

that’s it. M pen is a digital pen specially made for matepad pro. The m-pencil is 16 cm long and weighs 14 grams, which is no different from holding a slightly heavier pen. M pencils are also designed to replicate the shape of our common pencils while preventing them from accidentally slipping off the table.

pairing an m-pencil with a tablet is very simple. Place the m-pencil on top of the matepad, which attaches magnetism to the case. Once connected, matepad Pro automatically performs the entire pairing process.

first, the keyboard is in the form of a folio shell, and the matepad Pro is magnetically connected to it. The magnets are strong enough to hold the tablet firmly on the case. When paired with a tablet, the reverse charging feature of the matepad Pro automatically charges the keyboard if necessary.

when connected, the matepad Pro automatically connects to the keyboard via Bluetooth proximity pairing without requiring the user to perform any other steps. In order to adapt to portability, the key is carefully designed, only 1.3mm. The keyboard also has other functions, such as NFC activated shift key for fast multi screen pairing, while predefined shortcut keys can replace gestures when tablet docking.

from elegant and simple appearance to powerful hardware, Huawei matepad Pro is definitely a multi-functional tablet computer you don’t want to miss. Matepad Pro is designed to be ideal for business and leisure users.

Unlike previous products, the matepad Pro is a tablet that redefines the flagship category and is armed with many of the world’s first technologies and perhaps unprecedented features. This is arguably one of the strongest candidates to win the most desirable tablet in 2020.

Author: zmhuaxia