Huawei matex2 new machine exposed, the price as high as 16999 yuan, is expected to be released with mate 40 at the same time

At present, the mainstream mobile phone screen style is straight screen. So, what kind of screen style will appear after the straight screen? I guess some people would say it’s a folding screen. However, some users are not optimistic about the three fold screen mobile phone. They think that the folding screen mobile phone is troublesome, heavy and expensive, so they are not willing to start with the folding screen mobile phone. < / P > < p > Samsung has launched several folding screen phones, the latest of which is the galaxy Z flip 5g. Huawei has so far launched two folding screen phones, Matex, which was launched in October last year, and matexs, which was launched in early March this year. The starting price of these two mobile phones is the same, both are 16999 yuan. By the second half of this year, Huawei’s third-generation folding screen mobile phones are expected to be released. < / P > < p > now the media has revealed the news of Huawei’s third generation folding screen mobile phone matex2. The rendering of the phone has also been exposed on the Internet. From the exposed pictures, the new matex2 will give up the previous eversion design and adopt the book style inner folding flexible screen scheme instead. This change is estimated to better adapt to the user experience. In addition, matex2 retains the center pillar design, mainly for stacking camera and other components. < / P > < p > in terms of screen size, it is expected that mate x2 will adopt the same 8-inch screen as the previous generation, support split screen function, support top writing, can be equipped with keyboard, and support computer notebook mode. However, in terms of chips, it is not clear which one to use. Huawei’s heavyweight processor in the second half of the year is Kirin 9000. However, the number of Kirin 9000 is limited and may not be supplied to matex2. Therefore, it is very likely to use Kirin 990 or other brands of processors. < p > < p > as for the specific release time of matex2, according to previous media reports, it is expected that matex2 will be released together with mate40. However, considering that this year’s situation is different from previous years, matex2 may also be delayed. The main uncertainty also lies in chip supply. As for the price, matex2 is likely to continue the pricing of Huawei’s previous two folding screen phones, which is as high as 16999 yuan. < / P > < p > although the price of Huawei’s folding screen mobile phones is high, it is interesting that Huawei’s folding screen mobile phones are very popular with users who are not short of money. After Huawei’s previous folding screen mobile phones Matex and matexs were listed, there was a rush purchase situation, and even the spot was oversold to 40000 yuan. This shows that the market demand of Huawei’s folding screen mobile phone is still very large. Because the good rate of folding screen mobile phone is very low and the quantity is limited, it leads to rare goods, so the price will remain high. For some users who want to buy a folding screen mobile phone, if they don’t grab it, they have to buy it at a high price from scalpers. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo