Huawei millet oppo flagship has its own unique skills, who has no bottom card?

Although affected by the epidemic situation, the mobile phone press conference had to be held online, but with the help of 5g, the domestic mobile phone market is still quite hot, and mobile phone manufacturers have launched their own flagship products on time. These flagship products are often quite sincere and have their own “unique skills” and new technologies. So, after Huawei, Xiaomi and oppo all show their “unique skills”, will there be more surprises in the mobile phone industry this year? Let’s take a look at the new technologies that have already appeared, and look forward to the “bottom card” that will come out in 2020. < p > < p > Huawei’s efforts in the field of shooting are obvious to all. This year, Huawei’s P40 series has also arrived as promised. Among them, Huawei’s P40 PRO + has made further exploration in the field of mobile phone zoom. This mobile phone is equipped with two long focus lenses supporting OIS optical anti shake, supporting 10x Optical Zoom, 20x hybrid zoom and 100x digital zoom. < / P > < p > after Huawei P40 PRO + has made further progress in the field of mobile phone zoom shooting, Xiaomi is not willing to be outdone. In his “super large cup” Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition, he has brought a periscopic long-range lens with equivalent 120mm focal length and 10x Optical Zoom, which can support up to 120x digital zoom, and has excellent zoom ability. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that “Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition also has the leading charging technology – 120W fast charging. It takes only 23 minutes to fully charge its 4500mAh battery, which can really make use of the fragmented charging time and further solve the problem of electricity consumption anxiety. < / P > < p > in addition to the progress in the field of mobile phone shooting and charging, the breakthrough of mobile phone in screen can not be ignored. Although the screen of Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition is also good, it is still not as smooth and delicate as oppo find x2 series 3K QHD + and 120Hz ultra-high refresh rate. The screen of oppo find x2 series is still one of the best screens in the world. On the basis of higher refresh rate and resolution, there are 1.07 billion colors, hdr10 + and other highlights. In addition, with the support of perfect video inserting technology and HDR image quality enhancement function, it gives all-round and top-level visual experience, and the display effect is also unprecedented powerful. < / P > < p > after the breakthrough in shooting, charging and screen quality of mobile phones, it is now August, and the surprise that we have been looking forward to in 2020 is also unveiling. Recently, ZTE’s off screen camera has begun to warm up, which is expected to make the front lens completely hidden under the mobile phone screen, so as to achieve a truly comprehensive screen display effect. < / P > < p > and what’s more surprising is that mobile phone zoom shooting ability may have a breakthrough this year. Recently, oppo announced a new generation of hybrid optical zoom technology. It is reported that it adopts a revolutionary step type periscope zoom structure to achieve the equivalent focal length of 85mm and 135mm optical zoom. Combined with the optical ability of the aperture, it can finally achieve 85 ~ 280mm focal range coverage, with a maximum output of about 32 million pixels, supporting the four in one technology. From the sample view, oppo’s new generation hybrid optical zoom technology has improved significantly, and it has better processing of light and details. < / P > < p > from the above development of zoom shooting ability, it is not difficult to find that the development of mobile phone industry still needs constant exploration of mobile phone brands. The products of oppo which are the last product of this year are expected to become the strongest long focus shooting flagship of this year, but the long-range shooting capabilities of Huawei and Xiaomi are also worthy of recognition. In addition to the shooting field, oppo is still the leader in the quality of mobile phone screen. Xiaomi’s 120W fast charging ability is also strong enough. The actual performance of ZTE’s under screen camera is also worth looking forward to. I believe it is expected to become a leader in the form of mobile phone screen. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine