Huawei mobile phone Android system agreement expired, unable to update in the future? Here comes the official response

With the successive crackdowns in the United States, Huawei’s Android mobile phone system has also attracted many concerns. Currently, mobile phone systems are mainly divided into two categories, one is Apple’s IOS, and the other is Google’s Android system. Huawei will not be able to update its system security protocol before the network is transmitted to the United States. In the face of this rumor, many Huawei users are more worried about the subsequent use of mobile phones. < p > < p > in the face of this problem, Huawei has given an official response. After the expiration of the temporary agreement, Huawei will continue to provide system updates and security patches for users using Huawei mobile phones. Mobile phones with pre installed Google play can be updated through play. If Google play is not pre installed, it can be updated by using appgallery. This means that users don’t need to worry about system problems, and Huawei has already done a good job for users. < p > < p > in fact, users don’t need to worry too much about system problems. Huawei has tested Hongmeng system earlier, and it is because of this preparation that Huawei can be firm in the system. At present, Huawei’s urgent problem is the chip. If the chip problem is not solved, Huawei’s next high-end mobile phones may be difficult to produce. As Yu Chengdong said, Huawei has no chips to use. This sentence actually makes people feel a little sad! < p > < p > in the second half of the year, Huawei will release its flagship Huawei mate 40 series, which uses 5nm Kirin 1020 chip. At present, the stock is very limited, which is likely to be the most difficult flagship for Huawei. It may also be the only mobile phone with Kirin 1020. At present, Huawei is stepping up the research and development of photolithography. Once the research and development is successful, the chip problem that hinders the development of Huawei mobile phones will be solved. However, in the short term, Huawei will face more difficult problems. When Huawei mate 40 series is released, will you choose to support one? New product launch