Huawei Nanniwan project exposed: self sufficiency and hard struggle

Under the continuous pressure of the United States, Huawei has no way to go back. From hardware to software, it is blocked. What should we do next? It’s up to you. Huawei has launched a new project named Nanniwan to avoid products containing American technology, accelerate the business of notebook and smart screen, and a new matebook notebook will be released in mid month, neither of which contains US technology. It is now reported by microblog bloggers that Huawei is recruiting people for “Nanniwan” and “Hongmeng” projects. There are also many posts in Huawei’s official voice community on “emergency recruitment development and testing, and it is expected that there are sufficient recruitment and rapid approval” posts in the community. In the history, Nanniwan is well-known in history: during the Anti Japanese War, it was a large-scale production activity carried out by our party’s army in Nanniwan, aiming at overcoming economic difficulties, realizing self-sufficiency in production and persisting in the long-term Anti Japanese war. The great people also left eight characters of “doing their own things and eating well in abundance”. It is natural that Huawei will start a new project in the name of “Nanniwan”. It is naturally necessary to achieve self-sufficiency through “self-reliance and hard struggle” and “in the difficult period, it hopes to achieve self-sufficiency”. It is said that notebook, smart screen and IOT smart home products are all included in Nanniwan project, which are all products that are totally not won by the United States. In fact, Nanniwan project covers far less than this, covering a wide range of areas, and needs to invest a lot, and many aspects are changing dramatically. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?