Huawei nova7 is equipped with Kirin 985, a new favorite of young people

Huawei mate series and P series are two flagship mobile phone series that are very popular with business people. Their high prices often only high-income business people are willing to pay for them. Among young people, Huawei Nova series is more popular than mate series and P series. Huawei Nova series is a flagship mobile phone series specially launched by Huawei for young people, focusing on photo taking and beauty. Almost every new phone in this series has become a popular model at that time. Huawei nova7, released in the first half of the year, is a popular mobile phone loved by young people. < / P > < p > as Huawei’s main beauty mobile phones, Huawei Nova series can be said to be the beauty of Huawei’s mobile phones. Interestingly, among the three mobile phones of Huawei’s nova7 series, the beauty of nova7 in the middle is higher than that of nova7pro. Nova7 uses a single hole design, while nova7pro is a double hole design. It is estimated that most people prefer the former. < / P > < p > nova7 adopts a straight screen design, while nova7pro is a curved screen design. Although the curved screen looks beautiful, it turns over immediately after using it. It is totally a vase that can’t be seen and used. Therefore, most people prefer the straight screen of Huawei nova7. The lightweight fuselage is also a major selling point of Huawei nova7. It is only 7.96mm thick and weighs 180g. It has a very satisfying grip. < p > < p > Huawei nova7 is equipped with Kirin 985 chip, which is a smart operation of Huawei, and has learned the precise knife method of squeezing toothpaste from Qualcomm. The machine friends are certainly not satisfied with this. However, unexpectedly, Huawei’s nova7 configuration has become a hot topic under the background of its friends. Huawei Nova series has always been used to benchmark ov midrange mobile phones. Most of the OV phones this year are equipped with snapdragon 765G chip, and the price is much higher than Huawei nova7. Although the performance of the Kirin 985 is not as good as that of the Kirin 990, it is more than enough to hang up the snapdragon 765G chip. In this way, Huawei nova7 is not only cheaper, but also more powerful in terms of OV. < / P > < p > like appearance, taking photos is the most important part of Huawei nova7. Therefore, the camera hardware of this mobile phone is also very attentive. The main camera uses Sony imx686 sensor. Among the mobile phones of the same price, this is almost the top-level photography hardware, let alone Huawei nova7 also has its own photo taking algorithm. According to Huawei, the phone supports 3x optical zoom, 5x hybrid zoom and 20x digital zoom technology. The phone can be used as a hyperopia. < / P > < p > in the eyes of many people, if the average middle end mobile phone has excellent appearance and photo taking ability, its performance must be a short board. However, Huawei nova7 is a counter example. It is not only dazzling in appearance, amazing in photos, but also in the middle and upper reaches. It even supports the 40W fast charging function, which can be called the flagship of the strength school. No wonder so many people like it! How do you feel about Huawei mobile phone? Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing