Huawei P40, reno4 Pro ultra wide angle real shot comparison, this result is more than expected

In recent years, ultra wide angle lens has gradually become the standard configuration of mobile phones, and the multi camera module often needs the ultra wide angle lens. And the reason is quite simple. The super wide angle lens can bring a wider perspective and accommodate more elements. It is very practical to take photos everyday or shoot scenery outside. Today, we have got the real shooting samples of oppo reno4 pro and Huawei P40. Let’s see who does better in the actual shooting of ultra wide angle lens? < / P > < p > before looking at the actual sample, we might as well take a look at the ultra wide angle lens configuration of oppo reno4 pro and Huawei P40. Among them, oppo reno4 Pro is equipped with ultra clear laser focusing three shots, and the ultra wide angle lens adopts Sony imx708 sensor, with 12 million pixels. Huawei P40 is equipped with Leica camera, Sony imx481 sensor and 16 million pixels. In addition, the price of Huawei P40 is hundreds of yuan higher than that of oppo reno4 pro, so this is a cross price challenge for oppo reno4 pro. The super wide angle lens is the same as the main camera. In the actual effect, we are very concerned about its tolerance to light. In this group of actual samples, the image taken by oppo reno4 Pro ultra wide angle lens is brighter than that of Huawei P40, and the light has better tolerance. We can see the details of the shadow part under the bridge more clearly. Of course, the excellent effect of oppo reno4 Pro ultra wide angle lens is not without sacrifice. We can see that the ultra wide angle angle angle of oppo reno4 Pro is narrower than that of Huawei P40. In the picture of Huawei P40, we can see the two columns on the right side completely, and there are more elements in the picture. < / P > < p > in the process of shooting high-rise buildings, we often use super wide angle lens, because it can better highlight the majestic of buildings. In this group of contrast samples of buildings, oppo reno4 Pro image background, although the high light of the sun is generally suppressed, but the details of the sky clouds are rich and hierarchical, which well shows the majestic building. In the pictures of Huawei P40, the highlight of the sun is better suppressed, but the sky has a smear feeling, and the overall impression is relatively general. However, Huawei P40 also has its advantages. The wider vision makes the signs below display. Although the picture is a bit messy, it is more practical for general users. < / P > < p > finally, let’s take a look at a group of ultra wide angle samples taken at the side of the road, which is one of the scenes where we often use ultra wide angle lens. In this group of samples, there is no obvious difference between the two sets of samples in terms of the effect taken by the ultra wide angle lens of the two mobile phones. Huawei P40 still has a wider perspective, while oppo reno4 Pro has a better tolerance for light. However, it is worth mentioning that the oppo reno4 Pro ultra wide angle lens also has the super night scene video ability and video super anti shake Pro mode researched by oppo for one year. Obviously, Huawei P40 ultra wide angle lens is more outstanding in terms of comprehensive ability. < / P > < p > from our actual comparison, oppo reno4 pro and Huawei P40 have more highlights in ultra wide angle lens, which can be said to be difficult to distinguish. You must be ready to take pictures with your own mobile phones after seeing the sample pictures taken by such ultra wide-angle lens. It happens that oppo and one studio jointly launch a super wide-angle video activity, pay attention to @ oppo on microblog, and publish your works and stories. Let’s take a look at some topics this summer and @ oppo can participate in it Try it, maybe you can win the grand prize. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?