Huawei P40 to iPhone 12, in-depth experience for 3 days, these words do not spit out!

IPhone is well-known in the world, and it is also the most successful digital product so far. The iPhone in the era of jobs sold well in the world, and the sales volume of iPhone 6S series at its peak even exceeded 200 million units, almost unable to be defeated by its friends! Apple’s launch of each generation of iPhone can be called the “Spring Festival Gala” in the digital world. This year’s iPhone 12 is no exception. Especially after joining the dual-mode 5g network, its selling points are even more sufficient. Many friends have switched from Huawei P40 to iPhone 12. After three days of in-depth experience, these words are not easy to say! < / P > < p > the author used Huawei P40 before. At that time, considering the budget, I gave up buying P40 pro, otherwise there was no need to switch to iPhone 12. Huawei P40’s short board lies in its battery life. It only has 3800mah and 22.5w fast charging technology. Compared with the current mainstream 5g mobile phones, the battery is indeed a big circle smaller. On the contrary, the iPhone 12 is 2800mah. Even so, the standby time of Apple mobile phone will be longer. The IOS 14 platform has better operation mechanism, and the iPhone has excellent system tuning ability, so it can experience the iPhone 12 in three days Endurance is ahead of Huawei P40! < p > < p > the iPhone 12 also has many thorny shortcomings. Compared with the previous generation of iPhone 11, the distribution of earphones and chargers has been cancelled this time, and the price of the original charger is even higher than that of the previous generation of iPhone 11, which leads to a lot of abuse. I’ve been using Android phones all the time. After switching to iPhone 12, I found that I didn’t have a 5W Apple charger at home, so I finally bought the original apple charger. This part of the expenditure is still painful! In terms of screen, the screen of iPhone 12 is upgraded to OLED screen, and the resolution is higher than that of Huawei P40, which can display more details. Especially when the high frame rate game mode is opened, the image quality experience of iPhone 12 is better! < p > < p > it is said that high-speed screen is already the standard configuration of 5g flagship, but Huawei P40 and iphone12 with high price are both sorry to be absent from this design, and only provide it to 60Hz. The response mechanism of Android system is quite different from that of IOS. Taking the speed of opening app, Android mobile phone will take a slow time to enter the interface, while the priority of iPhone 12 under IOS 14 is the screen. However, when the user clicks on the screen, the program will start quickly. Even if it is designed with a 60 Hz screen, the UI transition screen of iPhone 12 will be smoother and more natural, and it will not be lost to the 120 Hz screen mobile phone The role of computer on tablet will be greater! < / P > < p > as for the performance that you are concerned about, the iPhone 12 has been upgraded to a 5nm A14 bionic chip, and the external snapdragon x55 baseband is used, so the power consumption is still greater. However, after testing under 4G network, it is found that its endurance strength is better than that of the iPhone 11, and also better than that of the Huawei P40. Considering that Kirin 990 is a 7Nm chip, the performance of the iPhone 12 is better. Take the king glory game as an example, the iPhone 12 load read second time will be less than Huawei P40 about 3 seconds, starting speed is one step faster! As for the system aesthetics method, presumably 90% of users think that Apple IOS 14 is more beautiful! < / P > < p > unlike in previous years, ios14 has added the picture in picture function, so the iPhone 12 can also turn on the split screen function. With the resource library interface, it is more efficient than emui11! In terms of hand feeling, the iPhone 12 controls the weight and thickness of the body to 162g and 7.4mm respectively. Huawei P40 also has excellent hand feeling. Maybe the right angle frame of the iPhone 12 is too cutting. My cousin thinks that Huawei P40 has better hand feeling! The above is the experience of switching from Huawei P40 to iPhone 12. Who is better? After three days of experience, the answer comes. Which one do you think is more worthwhile? Older posts →