Huawei p50pro concept map: I like this design very much. I may not have any iPhone 12

According to the current naming rules, Huawei mate40pro and Huawei p50pro will be the flagship phones of Huawei’s next generation. For Huawei’s P-Series, which mainly takes photos of mobile phones, the design of Huawei’s p50pro must be upgraded on the basis of the previous generation of flagship phones. What kind of concept will Huawei’s p50pro’s appearance design and hardware parameter design in the future? Foreign media have released a group of conceptual renderings of Huawei’s p50pro. In this set of conceptual renderings, the design adopted by Huawei’s p50pro is a little bit I like very much. I’m afraid the iPhone system will not be adopted for the time being. < p > < p > the front part of Huawei p50pro has a design that I love very much, and it is estimated that the outside world is very concerned about. That is, how to design the front camera and face recognition unlocking module after the pill screen is cut off. At present, the design scheme given in the concept rendering diagram is to hide the front camera and face recognition module at the bottom of the screen after canceling the pill screen. However, this design concept is not mentioned in the current news about iPhone 12. < p > < p > Huawei’s p50pro screen still adopts the curved screen design idea. After all, this is the standard version of the flagship mobile phone. At the same time, Huawei p50pro adopts the design idea of dense drilling on the handset part, which is designed at the junction of the screen and the mobile phone frame. Therefore, from the front, it is impossible to see where the earpiece of Huawei p50pro is. < / P > < p > but for the design of the fuselage, Huawei p50pro does not have much brilliance. The lens module of the rear camera is still designed in the upper left corner of the fuselage. However, the number of lens modules in the rear camera is greatly improved compared with the previous generation of Huawei p series standard version. The number of cameras in Huawei p50pro lens module is higher The quantity has reached 5, one more camera than the previous generation of Huawei p40pro. < p > < p > the rear camera of Huawei p50pro includes a square telephoto lens and four circular traditional lenses. However, the appearance of the lens module is no longer consistent with the traditional Huawei mobile phone. The design concept of dividing the lens module is adopted, but the Huawei p50pro lens module is completely and uniformly designed. < / P > < p > as for the hardware parameter design of the fuselage, it should be said that it is expected to be expected at present, because Huawei mate40pro series will be equipped with a brand-new Kirin 9000 processor, and Huawei p50pro should theoretically adopt the same processor as Huawei mate40pro, so in terms of performance, Huawei p50pro will still have good performance. In addition, the wired charging, wireless charging and reverse wireless charging effect of Huawei p50pro will also be greatly improved. Do you think the design of Huawei p50pro in concept rendering meets your requirements? I think Huawei’s p50pro is much better than the iPhone 12 if it really hides the front camera and face recognition unlock module under the screen. Do you support this view? Science Discovery