Huawei p50pro concept map: if Hongmeng system is launched, it will be my reason to give up iPhone 12

The chip is gone. What pollens are most worried about is whether Huawei’s P50 series can be released normally next year. In fact, not only the chip, but also the flash memory and lens module may not be enough. Even in this case, foreign media remained optimistic and released a Huawei p50pro concept machine design drawing to comfort pollen. He also said that it is likely to launch the Hongmeng system. If it is, it may be the only reason for me to give up the iPhone 12. Even if there is no chip, it is comforting to be able to experience Hongmeng system. The

design is the pain point of HUAWEI P40 series. The four surface border is attractive, but the double punch on the forehead is unacceptable because many users make complaints about “pill screen” or “capsule screen”. However, Huawei’s p50pro has changed this design, adopting a new four curved screen, with no holes on the forehead and no water drop modeling. The reason why Huawei can give up these designs is that there is still a lens hidden under the screen. In this way, it breaks the history of self shooting lens occupying the screen space and realizes the real full screen. Even if the surface border is used, the designer will reduce the number of false touch through the algorithm. < / P > < p > true full screen is not only beautiful, but also equipped with super screen specifications. The 90hz refresh rate is based on 2K resolution screen operation, even if the power consumption is high, don’t worry. Because the battery life will be 5500 Ma and the screen will be 6.8 inches. Such a large body provides more battery capacity. And the thickness of the whole fuselage is not increased, and it looks slim from the side. The proportion of the screen is as high as 96%. After optimizing the edges around the screen, the black edge is also shortened. Fingerprint unlocking is even more powerful. Full screen fingerprint unlocking function is adopted, and all the sensors are on the screen. < p > < p > Huawei p50pro continues the characteristics of rectangular frames. Compared with Huawei p40pro +, the number of lenses is one less. However, this does not affect the camera function. Based on the double periscope frame, the light is reflected 5 times in the lens structure, achieving 10 times lossless optical zoom. The main lens pixel is 60 million, and there is a 40 megapixel ultra wide angle lens. A 9p free lens is added to reduce the deformity of wide-angle shooting. < p > < p > in fact, Huawei’s p50pro still continues the p40pro + specification, but the photographing algorithm is improved, and the aperture area is larger, the light absorption is more, the noise is less, and the details are more abundant. < / P > < p > If Huawei p50pro does not have Kirin chip, then Hongmeng system is also worth looking forward to. After all, it is the first independent research and development system, which is based on the lixus system and can be perfectly compatible with all Google applications. Today, there are 700 million mobile service users in the world, and we are working with developers to build Huawei ecosystem. We should know that the purpose of Hongmeng system research and development is not only for mobile phones, but also for the ecology of interconnection of all things based on 5g network environment. This is Huawei’s ultimate goal. In this regard, apple is still a little far from it. In comparison, Huawei’s p50pro is more meaningful than the iPhone 12. < p > < p > Hongmeng system is the most expected product of pollen, but Huawei p50pro is a concept machine after all, and the chip is almost certainly unable to be produced. If Qualcomm and MediaTek can get a temporary license, maybe Huawei’s p50pro will still play. My friends, what do you think? Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865