Huawei p50pro concept map: iPhone 12 should not be considered. Only such Huawei flagship is worth buying

Kirin 9000 chip will be released soon. You can feel how powerful Huawei’s strongest chip is. Although TSMC’s power supply has been cut off, Huawei still has a lot of stocks, which should be able to meet the Huawei mate 40 series. If there are enough stocks, Huawei’s p50pro may also adopt it. It is said that the overseas version of Huawei flagship will not use Kirin chips, which greatly reduces the inventory pressure. The foreign media released the latest Huawei p50pro concept machine design drawing. After reading it, I advise you not to consider the iPhone 12 for the time being. Only such Huawei flagship is worth buying. < p > < p > at present, there is no suspense about the appearance design of the iPhone 12. Liu Haiping is basically solid. Even accessories manufacturers have begun to prepare Liu Haiping steel film. Huawei’s p50pro, on the other hand, has no bangs, even the four curved border and capsule screen have been cancelled. The off screen lens may be used for the first time. In order to improve the screen share and user experience, even the black edge has been cut off. In this way, a square screen is more practical than a curved screen. It doesn’t have so many obvious shortcomings, and it looks better. The four corners are also more profitable, and finally get rid of the curved screen. < / P > < p > Huawei p50pro also accounts for a very high proportion of the whole screen, which is close to 100%. After all, there is no 3D face recognition, and there is less demand for screen space. With a new 2K screen and 90hz refresh rate, the game and video experience has been improved as never before. At the same time, fingerprint unlocking has also been upgraded, full screen fingerprint identification function has been adopted, and the sense of technology and practicability have also been improved. The screen is 6.5 inches in size and has an 18:9 screen scale, so one handed operation may not be so convenient. < p > < p > from the back of the fuselage, Huawei’s p50pro is very unique. Although Yuba frame is cancelled, the new design looks like a dividing line. Five lenses are distributed above, which is similar to Huawei p40pro + in layout. < p > < p > Huawei p40pro + adopts Huawei’s most advanced lens design concept and original light reflection principle to realize 10 times lossless optical zoom. The dual periscope zoom photography has played to the extreme, so Huawei p50pro photography function is more worthy of looking forward to. What breakthroughs will Huawei have in algorithm? < / P > < p > in terms of hardware configuration, if Huawei’s p50pro can have enough inventory and use Kirin 9000 chips, it will be very good. Even if it doesn’t, we can still use the Tianji chip of MediaTek. However, for Huawei, the workload will become larger, because a lot of debugging is needed to re match. In terms of function, wireless charging is increased to 30W, wired charging to 80W, reverse wireless charging to 20W, and battery capacity is 6000 ma. Support IP68 dustproof and waterproof standard, Standard Version 8g memory + 128G storage capacity. < p > < p > Huawei’s p50pro will be released later than the iPhone 12, but in terms of appearance design, its appearance is higher than that of the latter. So it’s worth looking forward to after watching it. If the real machine grows like this, I certainly won’t recommend you to buy the iPhone 12. After all, the real full screen + straight screen is attractive enough. What do you think? New product launch