Huawei paid 12.5 billion and apple 31.2 billion. The patent giant left mobile phone manufacturers helpless

As one of the founders of Qualcomm, Jacob developed the advantages of CDMA technology by using the “frequency hopping technology” invented by actress Heidi Lamar and composer George antre. < / P > < p > at that time, everyone was focusing on TDMA technology, while Qualcomm invested in CDMA technology which was not favored by others. Finally, CDMA becomes the mainstream with better transmission quality and lower operating costs. Therefore, in the 2G and 3G era, Qualcomm has become an unshakable existence in the field of communication. In particular, the 3G standard based on CDMA technology has pushed Qualcomm to the top. < / P > < p > today, Qualcomm has more than 130000 applications and patents, especially in the field of communication, which has formed a strong patent barrier. If a mobile phone wants to connect to 3G and 4G networks, it cannot bypass the patents of Qualcomm. Therefore, with its patent monopoly in the field of communication, Qualcomm levies a “high pass tax” on smart phone manufacturers. All mobile phones that want to connect to 3G and 4G networks, even if they do not use Qualcomm chips, must pay “high pass tax”. < / P > < p > moreover, the tax will vary according to the price of the mobile phone, which is 3.25% of the price of the mobile phone in China. This behavior of Qualcomm will naturally cause dissatisfaction in the industry, and Meizu has protested. But after the failure of MediaTek’s high-end chips, Meizu also switched to the high-end chip camp of Qualcomm and had to make up for the patent fee. Apple, on the other hand, has filed 50 lawsuits with Qualcomm over the issue of high tax. However, for the 5g baseband chip of Qualcomm, apple finally chose to “admit its mistake” and paid a settlement fee of US $4.5 billion, equivalent to RMB 31.2 billion. Not only Meizu and Qualcomm, but also Huawei also recently made up $1.8 billion, equivalent to $12.5 billion, and reached a settlement with Qualcomm. According to the industry, Huawei is doing so in order to purchase high-tech chips to alleviate the crisis of supply interruption. < / P > < p > from this, we can see that although Qualcomm is a rogue, it has a strong strength as a support. If it can, many mobile phone manufacturers can only be obedient. There is a saying to describe “high tax” is very appropriate, “no smart phone can escape the scythe of Qualcomm”. Privacy Policy