Huawei shows two trumps ahead of time, which will help mate 40 recover the international market. Ren Zhengfei has foresight

Let me talk to you today: I have to admire Ren Zhengfei’s business mind. The two “trump cards” that have spent a lot of money and spent many years operating are now available for commercial use, or will become the secret weapon of Huawei’s mate 40 series mobile phones.

in a twinkling of an eye, it is the middle of August. During this period, major mobile phone brands have successively released brand-new flagship phones, the supreme version of Xiaomi 10 and Samsung’s note20 After the launch of ultra, it has attracted extensive attention from consumers. However, among many brands, the mate40 series of Huawei is the most anticipated. Consumers at home and abroad are looking forward to Huawei’s surprise after being blocked by the United States?

it is reported that Huawei’s mate40 series mobile phones have basically been confirmed to be officially unveiled in September, and they are equipped with Kirin 9000 series chips produced by TSMC, Huawei’s latest 5nm technology. The architecture adopted is arm cortex-78. Compared with Kirin 990 chip, it has ushered in a new upgrade in performance and power consumption. Kirin 9000 series chips will again win the title of the king of Android performance.

but it’s a pity that Huawei’s Kirin 9000 series will also become the out of print version of Hisilicon chips, and Kirin chips will also leave temporarily. This is also caused by TSMC’s power failure. Although at present, MediaTek can meet the needs of Huawei’s medium and low-end market, Huawei still needs these two trump cards to maintain its original position in the high-end smartphone market ”To support.

as early as two years ago, the news of Huawei’s R & D of Hongmeng system has been heard, and people are looking forward to it. However, as time goes on, Huawei’s Hongmeng system is not used in mobile phones, but used in watches and smart TVs. Doubts have also come to Huawei’s Hongmeng system. At present, Hongmeng system has also been upgraded, and it is close to Huawei mate 40 As a result, many people are speculating whether meta40 series mobile phones will be equipped with Hongmeng system? However, there is no official information, but the possibility is very high.

Why do you say that? After more than two years of research and development, Hongmeng system has its own core, and its main purpose is to improve the controllability of intelligent products. The promotion of the ecosystem of the interconnection of all things has become its main direction. The intelligent ecology of the whole scene will also be born. As early as Hongmeng 1.0 system, it has been tested successfully on the smart screen, in order to achieve the final 10000 Internet of things still needs a certain time to test.

at present, Huawei has launched the Nanniwan plan, the main purpose of which is to make Huawei’s full range of products to achieve the goal of de Americanization. Whenever a part is imported from the United States, it is necessary to realize localization. Only by removing the technology and parts from the United States, can the development in the future not be restricted by the United States System is one of the core projects.

why can the United States control the overseas sales of Huawei mobile phones? The main reason is that Huawei still needs Google’s GMS support at present, which also leads to less and less apps available for Huawei’s overseas ecosystem. As a consumer, if the mobile phone is not easy to use, there is no reason to abandon you. Huawei’s series of mobile phones have been completely destroyed in the European and American markets before. It depends on whether it can turn over on the new mate40 series mobile phones. At present, it has been determined that this series of mobile phones can not carry Google’s GSM. With the introduction of Huawei’s HMS in overseas markets, Huawei’s handset sales dilemma may be broken.

according to Yu Chengdong, at present, the number of registered developers of HMS has exceeded 1.6 million, realizing the access of 81000 apps worldwide, becoming the third largest giant after Apple’s app store and Google’s GMS. With the gradual maturity of Hongmeng system, Huawei has also ushered in the best opportunity, and has the courage to try the next step of the plan. Huawei will consider using autonomous terminals on mobile phones, which means that the mobile phones equipped with Hongmeng system are not far away from us.

at present, Huawei still ranks first in mobile phone shipment. However, we should also consider one factor. Huawei’s domestic market share accounts for a large part. In the second quarter, Huawei’s total shipment volume was 55.8 million units, while that of Samsung’s was 54.2 million units. It seems that Huawei won by a weak advantage, but there is also a big problem, which shows that Huawei is in the market The international market is no longer competitive. Of course, it is not Huawei’s technology that can’t do so. A large part of the reason is that it is subject to the relevant ban of the United States, and the biggest impact is the lack of support from Google GMS.

with these two “trump cards” independently developed by Huawei, once the Huawei mobile phone equipped with Hongmeng system and HMS application ecology comes out, it will be sought after by consumers, and Huawei will also have the opportunity to turn over in the international market.

do you think Huawei can save the situation by using these two trump cards? If mate 40 is equipped with Hongmeng system, will you support it? Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer

Author: zmhuaxia