Huawei suddenly announced that its own research and development of black technology went online. Experts: Huawei dares to play like this

According to media reports, at the just concluded Huawei full connection conference, Huawei suddenly launched a big move and launched a Kunpeng native compiler named Bi Sheng. Currently, the Bi Sheng compiler is 1.0 It has been officially launched and opened to developers all over the world to use < / P > < p > many friends may not know what a compiler is for. Simply speaking, a compiler is a kind of “translator”, which translates applications written by developers in high-level languages into machine codes that can be read by machines. The quality of compilers determines the application’s performance on mobile phones, computers and servers Operation efficiency is a very critical technology. Compared with the upper APP such as WeChat and Alipay, the development of compilers is definitely a black technology. The world also has the strength of a few large enterprises such as Microsoft and Google, and HUAWEI does not have Bi Sheng compilers. In April last year, the ark compiler was launched, and the two one was solved by the two. As early as 2009, Huawei’s business layout has been constantly expanding ~ < / P > < p > as early as 2009, When Huawei just started the research on 5g basic technology, it started to create a compiler group for preliminary research. Until the final result of the ark compiler was released in 2019, Huawei 2012 laboratory has been working hard for ten years. At present, it has not been paid in vain! < / P > < p > friends who use Android mobile phones must have experienced this experience. No matter whether it is a few hundred or thousands of mobile phones, they always feel that they are not as fluent as apple mobile phones, and they will be stuck after a year or two. In fact, this is a natural drawback of Android system, mainly related to the mechanism of Android running app < / P > < p > app execution requires Java virtual machine; Java language and C language need To JNI technology communication to bring additional overhead; Java Memory recycling mechanism defects, so Huawei ark compiler for the above three points put forward one by one solutions: < / P > < p > kill the Java virtual machine, Java and C language are compiled into machine code, completely eliminate the overhead caused by the mutual calls of different languages, and develop a reference counting method RC to carry out real-time memory recovery and reduce cards To put it simply, if you compare running an app to cooking, it turns out to be preparing dishes – Cooking – Cooking – preparing dishes – preparing dishes – throwing garbage. Now with Huawei’s Ark compiler, it becomes one-time preparation of dishes and quick frying, and timely cleaning of garbage. In this way, not only can the dishes be done faster, but also the kitchen is always clean and tidy According to the actual measurement, the optimization effect of the ark compiler greatly exceeds the expectation of the outside world. After the ark compiler is compiled, the Android system fluency is improved by 24%, the response speed is increased by 44%, and the running fluency of app is improved by 60%! < p > < p > similar to the goal of ark compiler, Huawei launched the Bi Sheng compiler to solve the problem of application running smoothness in Kunpeng hardware platform. Kunpeng is a new generation of server architecture independently developed by Huawei. From the underlying Kunpeng chip to the operating system to the compiler, Huawei is responsible for all of them. It feels that Huawei is playing a big game in the next game < / P > < p > to solve this problem Traditional compilers are not intelligent enough and slow in speed. Bi Sheng compiler has made major breakthroughs in compiling algorithm, accelerating instruction set and AI iterative optimization. It greatly improves the instruction throughput through multi-core parallel and automatic vectorization technology. At the same time, it takes advantage of self-developed Kunpeng architecture and combines with AI automatic learning model to continuously improve program performance and complete optimal compilation < p > < p > according to Zheng Yelai, President of Huawei’s cloud business, the market share of Huawei Kunpeng server has exceeded 50%, which has become an important business and profit growth point of Huawei in the future. And the Bi Sheng compiler is built to further enhance the competitiveness of Huawei’s servers < / P > < p > “Huawei dares to play like this!” After the advent of the two heavyweight compilers, some experts in the industry lamented that, after all, the most common mobile phone manufacturers only developed some apps or customized mobile interface. Huawei directly replaced the underlying Android compiler. For the first time, someone dared to play this way < / P > < p > I guess Google was also confused. Last year Huawei replaced Google’s GMS with HMS, and then used its own research method The boat compiler has replaced the Android native compiler. A set of Android system is so small that it is almost replaced by Huawei < / P > < p > in fact, there is still a good time to go. Next year, Huawei Hongmeng system will officially support mobile phones and tablet computers, and PCs equipped with Huawei Kunpeng architecture and domestic Kirin operating system will come out one after another. By then, China’s mainstream electronic products will be able to use domestic operating systems, which is a breakthrough worthy of congratulations! Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?

Author: zmhuaxia